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Cliffside Park School No. 6 Reviews

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Education is alright/good. Students are a bad influence there is teasing,fights, smoking etc. Teachers can sometimes have no sense is students needs. Overall clean but very problematic. Some rules are unfair toward students. Sports are alright and there is only like 2 clubs. Students don’t have much to strive for.
If there was ever a problem in school, someone was there to help whether it'd be a teacher, the principal, a guidance counselor, or even the school nurse. The rules had to always be respected or there would be consequences. There was a fair dress code and there was no bullying.
Overall the school has many advantages and it is very well cleaned. The food was great and the library had a varied of books. There were many positives about the environment including the outdoor space. There is a lot of room to play at recess. Also, there are also teachers and guidance counselors available to help students with certain subjects and or problems. Many parents are also involved in school activities.
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This school is unique because of its staff members, and outgoing students. There is always something to do and most students get involved. I would choose to relive the experiences I had in this school because they were the best of my life. I made incredible friends, met amazing teachers, and learned a lot.
The teachers at Cliffside Park are above and beyond the best. I never had a problem with any of the teachers I had. Each of them challenged me and prepared me for my future. I can honestly say that I learned something value from each of them. It was a pleasure to have such great teachers, and I would not hesitate to have them again.
In my old school, many students were involved with something whether it be sports, or clubs. Since I was one of the top students in my grade I took the highest level classes and excelled in them I took these classes because I wanted to challenge myself. I knew that high school would be hard so I needed to study hard and challenge myself.
When I was younger, I was not very interested in working out or loosing weight, by surprising I did both. I was involved in sports and unknowingly I was becoming fit and healthy. Also, I loved being part of a team and when students in the audience shouted my name. I felt the school spirit was excellent.
I always was active in my community. I was involved in many sports and clubs. The coaches I had well very well educated in their field and I improved greatly with them. I love basketball and volleyball because by the end of the season the team became family and we were all grateful that we had the opportunity to get to know each other doing something we loved.
The nurse was always willing to help students with their health. I felt save knowing that my school nurse was well educated and friendly. Also, school never had a bullying issue because we all respected each other, and our teachers. Overall my experience there was great and I enjoyed going to school.
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