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My experience has been awesome here ! It is a small school so teachers can focus on each student well, I would like to see less bullying in the students as well as the faculty.
It is a good experience. My only major complaint would be all the test we have to do at the end of each year. Teachers often have to skip parts of the curriculum just to accommodate these tests. Another large complaint would be the text books. They are very poor in terms of explaining things. When I was home schooled I would sit down with my text book and I could learn how to do something new in math, and understand it completely. The only way to truly understand something in school now is if the teacher explains it. Both of these complaints can't really be pinned to my school though, for they are the rules the school must abide by.
Overall, my experience at this school was mostly bad, but okay in some ways. The school is small and everyone knows everyone, but everyone has the same mindset. They don't like change or diversity. Most people are racist and conservative. I would definitely not choose this school again because people were so ignorant and racist. There was no diversity or opportunities. The school is very small, so there isn't any variety in clubs or sports. I feel like I missed out on a lot going to this small school.
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the food at this school was bad. no variety whats so ever and they didn't even have any food for those that couldn't eat gluten or were vegan or vegitarian
the school nurse is very friendly and helpfull
well bulling needs to be taken care of in more serious manor and dress code is way to strict on everybody

If I could do my High school and middle school years over i wouldn't because, the school was way to small. Like the high school was only 84 students and I am not even kidding about it, that and the fact most of school were either basketballers and track others were rodeo people so it was not right that they looked down on the students that didnt do sports or rodeo.
Cliff High School did prepare me for the real world with some things but not as much as I hopped for. Also college wise I didn't feel like what I learned was usefull in college what so ever, like in english i never learned proper ways of citing work or how to write a paper with out useing the five paragraph thing. It was beyond useless. But In math and science I felt really prepared in.
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