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I loved that Clever gave students the opportunity to learn, but also the opportunity to have fun while learning. Clever high school has a warm and loving community that is always coming together to help each other. For example, we created a box, that those in need can receive supplies out of and the community helps fill it. It taught students about caring for others, and giving to those in need. While this was not necessarily a school related topic, I strongly believe it was a very important lesson! One thing I do wish the Clever school district would do is give students more of a chance to apply for more scholarships and show us how. I would love to be able to fill out more scholarships with my school, but since we are small, we do not have as many opportunities.
I went there most of my life and it really isn't a very good school. When I went to a different school I found out that I was so far behind because clever was so far behind. I would never recommend you children go to this school. If your kids also want to play sports and have no background of sports the coaches will not choose you they pick favorites.
I like how it is a smaller school but big enough to have a chance to meet new people. I like the diversity and for the majority, I enjoy the people and teacher. I would like to see a change in how some people treat others. I would like for people to be more involved.
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I love Clever High School, the atmosphere is wonderful. The teachers really care about the students.
I am a senior at Clever and have been here since 2nd grade. I love the district and the atmosphere at the school is so open and inviting. Everyone gets along really well and the teachers care so much about the students. It's a great school to go to and I have loved growing up there.
Great teachers and students. Lot of fun clubs and sports. Amazing facility's for a small town school.
Theres only club activities and tutoring.
its your basic sports not very many options and not a lot of entertainment
the only good thing is I met the love of my life
half the time you don't know when the groups are meeting and they will cancel a meeting with out notice making you waste your time sitting around waiting for the sponsor
the school did not prepare me for the challenges of college what so ever and much like most schools failed to teach me any thing I would need for the real world.
The principal is a nut job two kids will do the exact same punishable act one he will threaten to call the police on and expel and the other he'll say just don't do it again no matter who did the act or previous offenses. He has terrible mood swings and is supposed to take medication but will constantly forget and go on raging fits. The rest of the faculty is very nice and helpful much better then this school deserves.
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