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Cleveland Secondary School Reviews

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Very nice and willing to help
For college i felt prepared with the AP classes
I have not rode our buses since I got into middle school. It was good otherwise.
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Our old nurse just retired, the new nurse is amazing. She realizes the students health and takes care of it appropriately. AMAZING NURSE!
We have an amazing fitness area and the gym teachers are amazing at they're job. They work with the students to help improve our health and wellness.
The school could easily give us harder lessons to learn. There should be better educated teachers at our school to help us students succeed.
Obviously, school lunches could be way better in all the schools across America. My Mom is actually the cook at the school. I think we are receiving healthier foods then what they were before my Mom started working there.
I realized even though I did not receive the education that I wanted, I push myself in college with a degree I want to do. Not something that goes with my short education received.
I have only gone to this school. I wish my Mom would have sent me to the other nearby school in Saint Peter, Minnesota. I would have received a better education then what I have right now.
There are tons of extracurricular activities available that most students participate in. Music is a huge part at our school, we do band tours all over the United States.
At our school, peer pressure is evident but people are extremely smart to do the right thing. Everyone is involved in the community. When something tragic happens, the community comes together and takes care of the situation correctly.
Usually ample parking for students who drive. Only tutors available are students who volunteer to tutor.
Policies are standard but many are kind of silly, like no rips or holes in your jeans above the knee.
Living in a small town gives the school a warm effect. Teachers get to know students not only by name but by their personality and really get to bond. Everyone knows everyone and we are all friends.
Clubs are fun at my school. If you want to do something, our school probably has it. Our teachers are more than willing to help us start a club.
Athletics are great at my school everyone is a team player and full of school spirit.
This school offers both general classes and AP classes for those who like a challenge. Offers foreign language, computer skills, and trades classes. The amount of homework for AP classes can be overwhelming.
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Usually a good variety of food, most of the time has options from each food group to pick.
The nurse is great! But we don't have a great anti bullying policy in place but most of the time it is sorted out between the two individuals without administration getting involved.
The school is difficult to transfer into. Many of the students that transfer here end up transferring out. I think that it is hard to become accepted here but its not impossible. It almost like the current students want the incoming student needs to prove they have something to contribute to the school that is positive.
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