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Something I really enjoyed about Cleveland High School is the fact that it is a STEM and project-based school. It is a project-based school allowed me to develop my leadership and communication skills. I am also interested in pursuing a STEM major for college and the computer science courses that Cleveland provided has helped me become more prepared for college CSE classes.
The education at Cleveland High School is very prestigious and has been an amazing experience. I had lived in Gallup, NM before and the comparisons of the people and the education is unworldly. I am very blessed to receive the education here. Not only are the staff here informative and helpful but the students here are opening and kind hearted. I have no troubles finding friends or hesitate to ask either my teachers or peers for help. I also feel safe with the amount of security this school has to offer. The campus is beautiful and has very modern technology. I can say that I feel well prepared for college by attending Cleveland High School.
I had both my boys graduate from Cleveland High School. I am impressed with Cleveland High, from their focus on academic excellence to all their sports successes. I am confident Cleveland High effectively prepared both my boys for the next steps in their scholastic futures. Cleveland High is a beautiful, state-of-the-art campus.
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As a current student of Cleveland High School, I would say Cleveland is a fantastic school. To our campus and to academics and school spirit you're always proud to be a storm. Everyone is friendly and always open to make friends. Our campus is always kept nice to always enjoy walking from class to class. Our classrooms are comfortable and safe, an environment where you can enjoy learning. Our sports are always pact with students who are ready to cheer our team. Here at Cleveland we are proud where we stand, each and every one of us bleed electric blue.
Cleveland was such a wonderful high school experience. All teachers and coaches were so supportive and the campus was well kept. It was also nice to have a bully-free and smoke-free campus.
Cleveland is a beautiful campus for students to spend their high school careers at. It has a class to interest everyone, and challenges everyone to be their best
Enjoyed the numerous clubs and after school programs offered. Any student's interest could be catered by at least one of these clubs.
Cleveland HS is amazing. It has state-of-the-art technology with a film studio and amazing teachers. It is eco friendly with solar panels.
Overall Cleveland High School is really well rounded. We respect each other and improve our skills to do group work. Communicating with our teacher is no problem because Cleveland has a email system where it’s easy to find anyone enrolled in the school. Somethings I would change would be a overview of our pathway class. A lot of people didn’t know before hand or got confused once they reached their senior year because they were told they didn’t have a pathway class to follow anymore.
Cleveland High School is a bright ember rising from the ashes of a state struggling in education. The classes are all well-executed to create an exciting, positive learning environment. The departments work closely together to ensure that each student receives a well-rounded education. As one of the newest schools in the state, Cleveland is home to fantastic facilities, including Thunderbolt Stadium and the ever-popular Concert Hall.
Cleveland high school gave students multiple opportunities to help us succeed however we needed it. The curriculum made us strive for our bests at all times.
Cleveland High School is an overall great school! The opportunities for extracurricular activities is overwhelming. The groups are very diverse, which helps to get to know so many new people. The choices for classes is very much the same, which makes sure that you get a well-rounded education, and gives you a variety of choices in electives.
The teachers are always willing to help and provide opportunities for the help you need. They are very invested in their students' success,
the school spirit is also a plus, homecoming as well as prom is a big deal, and allows for full school inclusion.
Cleveland is a High School that has been open for 10 years now a lot of alumni work here giving it a very spirited staff. But most funding an attention goes to football and cheer.
Cleveland High School is an excellent high school. I am from the class of 2017 and i am very satisfied with my high school career. The teachers and staff encouraged me to do my best and helped me apply and be accepted into college.
Cleveland High School is a phenomenal school with a great campus and super helpful teachers. The students are all involved and the environment is bright.
In my four years of experience at V. Sue Cleveland High School, I have been offered so many learning and educational opportunities for me to excel. I have never had a negative experience with any of the staff and every teacher I had has taught me so much. I feel very lucky to have gone to such a high quality place of education.
The school offers many classes as well as AP courses. The campus is fairly large and the number of students there is large as well. The atmosphere is pretty awesome, the sports there are awesome and the teachers and administration are excellent.
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Cleveland High is a very well kept & beautiful campus. Teachers & staff are always willing to help out students, especially if you ask them for the guidance needed. There’s never a shortage of clubs, sports, or activities/events to attend if one is interested. A healthy mix of classes seems available that can pique most interests & accommodations can be made for those that need them as well. College readiness is taken seriously too, and counselors there can helps students with that, other school matters like class issues, as well as discuss personal problems if the student wants to discuss. School spirit is high and paraded around especially during homecoming and home played sports games, the latter of which is often trained deftly well.
The academic experience was very good, I learned a lot in my years. The teachers care a lot about your grades, they push you to get better grades. I did not like that there was no test corrections for the first 3 years but this year they finally allowed test corrections to allow kids to learn from their mistakes instead of just telling them “do better next time”. The security in the school is very bad because of the juuling problem. It has gotten to the point that they are closing bathrooms off to concentrate kids into a certain bathroom, and that’s just not right.
It is an amazing school and the teachers are absolutely amazing. Teachers pushed you to be your best in the classroom. It was an absolutely amazing learning environment.
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