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It's a very strong IB school, with many strong academic and extracurricular programs. Cleveland has a massive LGBTQ community, both amongst its students and staff. Unfortunately, Cleveland has had a multitude of racist, antisemitic, and sexual assault incidents in the past few years.
Although rated high for PPS, I question how well these kids are being prepared for college or the real world. Son finishing up his junior year and getting him to go to school is such a challenge as a working parent well gone before he has to leave. I get calls from Cleveland about missing classes everyday. Discussed this with guidance as there are no penalties coming from Cleveland. I was told “Cleveland HS doesn’t like to penalize kids who can get it done without attending classes”. ????????? Really ??????? Isn’t that truancy??????? So my so. Is failing a couple classes because he is lazy and doesn’t turn his work in. Several projects/assignments are months overdue. That’s okay. His teachers will give him up to the last day of school to turn these in for full credit????? I don’t want him to get full credit. The consequences should be his poor grades. Perhaps Cleveland is rated so high because they don’t hold kids accountable for anything and graduate them???
It is nice that it is an IB school. But budget cuts are taking away classes I enjoy. There is only one gender neutral bathroom and all the bathrooms get frequently closed due to vandalism, so as a trans student it isn't very good. The teachers make up for it with their friendly understanding attitude.
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The biggest thing I like about my school is the Academics, the teachers and how committed they are to prepare you for not just in college but in life in general. The teachers are ready to teach the lessons for the subject and always have an exciting enthusiasm about it. For example, my French teacher has been teaching high level courses for a number of years, and because of that, all of us succeed in difficult tests that awards college credit. Other departments have the same reputation.
However, there are a couple of issues with the school in which I would I love to see improvement. First off, the administration shows a huge disconnect between student body and themselves, in how they handle certain matters. Secondly the facilities we have are quite under par, as the school is over 100 years old.
Overall the school is good for preparing you on ward, but definitely has much to prove in other aspects.
My counselor and the teachers I've had are helpful and very nice. Our choral program is developing very well, but it–among other programs–needs to be funded for it to reach its full potential.
I had a decent time at Cleveland. There is open campus lunch, the teachers are pretty decent, and the overall location is good. Most kids can find friends here since there are a lot of different groups. Parking is not great, you can get a ticket for parking in the parking lot, but the public transportation there is reliable. The Administration does not really care for the students, but the teachers and counselors do a lot. The Career and College Center will bend over backwards for the students here and will really prepare you for college. There is a lot of diversity in the type of classes but not in the students that go here, we have a not so good racial problem here that still isn't really being addressed. Overall this school is pretty good for a public school but does need some work, especially with administration and the building itself is falling apart.
Some teachers are great, but some have been just lazy. A better experience than middle school, but could be a lot better.
The staff and faculty are very invested in the students and their success, however they put a lot of focus on their IB program. This would be a good thing, but the program mainly focuses on getting white, male students to participate.
The school does not have janitors, but still is decently clean. Cleveland offers the IB diploma, however it does not have the resources for all the IB classes. There is a chance that the school will no longer offer the second year of most sciences, and does not have much funding directed at computer science. However, I would recommend Cleveland if you want to go into choir or band as both of these programs are strong.
I think Cleveland's IB program is it's greatest highlight! I feel academically and mentally prepared for college thanks to the many IB classes I've taken. However, CHS doesn't really have the "traditional" high school vibe. For example, there is little school spirit, low dance and assembly attendance, and the building isn't decorative to show spirit. It is a predominately white student population with predominately white teachers. Administration lately has been passive about making change and solving issues. There are pros and cons to the school.
I would say my school is not perfect, it is an average school. Of course, not everything is perfect but I do believe that the teachers do care about the students' learning environment and most importantly, the teaching program is recommendable.
The teachers are amazing, but the physical condition of the school is appalling. The educational quality is pretty good, though it has been very difficult to get accommodations. Thankfully, the teachers are always willing to help and genuinely care about their students.
In terms of academics and intellectual challenge, I found Cleveland High School to be average. That being said, I did find many wonderful teachers who enriched my educational experience, and were very supportive and encouraging of me. You get out of it what you put into it, and I suggest focusing on the community building aspect!
It's academics are pretty good but the building itself is falling apart. As far as high schools go, it's pretty average. The choir program is excellent and the speech and debate team is great.
I enjoyed all the possible routes you could take to graduate. There is a very wide variety of classes. I enjoyed the teachers and the community. One thing I do believe could be fixed was the how our staff was always in flux. I think I had 3 principles in 4 years(I say I think because I’m not sure at all) and there is a slight distrust from teacher to higher up. I believe the reason the school is doing as good at it is doing (while everything behind the scenes is going on) is because of one staff member, who now basically volunteers because they’ve worked at Cleveland for so long, and once they leave I’m concerned at what might happen
Like most PPS high schools, Cleveland has many strengths and alongside it many opportunities to grow, adapt, and improve as a school. I would rate my experience at the school highly, although I know this isn't what all of my peers would say due mostly to it's lack of rapport between students and faculty.
The thing to know about Cleveland is that they don’t push you to do the best you can. If you or your child is self motivated to do well in school they can do great at Cleveland with the IB program and such. But if you or your child need more of a push to do things this might not be the best place to go. It is very easy to take the easiest classes and get a 4.0 by doing about 0 to nothing work
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The teachers are wonderful. The IB program provides an opportunity for students to excel in academics.
During my time at Cleveland I have received quality instruction from well prepared and certified teachers. The physical school itself needs an upgrade and less lead in the water supply.
I think that Cleveland High schools academics are average, some of their choices for teachers is questionable. Their Drama program is horrible, they need to pay a little more attention to the arts.
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