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I really liked my coaches, I liked all my elective classes. I did not like having to walk a mile out to the portables because we are 1000 kids over capacity. I did not like that our school has no spirit, my teachers never taught us stuff, I had to learn on my own. I do not like how our counselors do not care for everyone.
Cleveland High School is currently the fastest growing high school within the State of Texas! Growing up in the Cleveland Independent School District I have seen first hand just how blessed our school is and how our fast growth has not deterred us from keeping the education of our students at number one on the ever growing list of priorities.
The school spirit at Cleveland High School is very lacking. The teachers are basically babysitting the students because there is an influx of them. The Dual Credit teachers are awesome.
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The school used to be great now it's just very crowded I remember when the halls weren't as crowded. I'm also glad the old athletic director left the new one is much better and more involved with the students and teachers and actually seems to care about what is going on.
Worst school I've ever seen. They dont even give kids enough time inbetween classes, they get 5 minutes and they have to use that time to go to the restroom and go to class. Some kids dont even have enough time to get TO class much less go to the bathroom. My daughter was out of breath AND late when she got to some of her classes because of how far away they are. If they want to go to the bathroom they are ONLY allowed 9 passes for 9 weeks. THAT IS ONCE A WEEK!!!! Their air conditioning is also really bad, some classes are over heated and they dont fix them. All the busses are filled TO THE BRIM, they sit 3 to a seat. For highschoolers they are bigger kids so they barely fit, the kids that is sitting at the edge is literally on the edge clinging to the chair so they wont fall off. Once its all filled they still have extra kids so they leave them for a late bus to pick them up almost an hour later.
There was some good teachers. Some teachers that were really passionate about their jobs. But most of the teachers at this school did not give a care in the world about their students.
The school overall is pretty good, but the students never try and the teachers never seem to care if they pass or fail.
Cleveland High School has a lot of work to do to improve the academics. They need to care more about the students and their education.
This school isn't awful but it definitely has a lot of need for improvement. There are some amazing teachers in this school but very few of them, and most of them teach higher level classes. A lot of the teachers seem to not care very much and many of them are also not very good at teaching. This may be because many of the kids at this school don't care about their own education either.
It’s pretty good school. Overall it’s a great experience and provides some great opportunities to other students.
It's a very good school. Great teachers and staff, all the teachers I've had class with has taught very well and staff really know how to set down rules. What I would change is give juniors with many credits to take senior classes and give out college readiness for everyone who is interested in going to college.
What I like about CHS is that our teachers are willing to help and encourage other students to pass. Our teachers and staff will do anything for our safety and I'm honestly blessed to attend this campus. This school year is my senior year and I wouldn't want to spend my last four years anywhere else.
The staff administration is all over the place when it comes to decisions and fairness. They worry too much about pulling earphones out than putting ID badges on. The punishments don't go by the handbook for everyone and just overall. Don't get e wrong, there are some good things about it but there are more negatives than positives.
Is a good school, everyone is so united and their team spirit is really big.Some teachers are really nice and care but you have other teachers that don't really care. I met great people in this school that now i am really good friends with them.
Cleveland High School was the worst 4 years of my life. The teachers have no interest in your well-being or mental health, they only care about themselves. The administration is even worse. They have strict policies in place on stupid things and are very discriminatory about who they enforce them upon.
My experience at Cleveland High School was amazing. I made the most of the few resources that I had.
Our school is growing rapidly. While the administration is trying to keep up with the growth, it is difficult. The halls are over crowded as well as the classes. Our school hires alot of first year teachers who end up not returning the following year. I believe it will take time, but Cleveland can be great eventually.
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The school is decent, but definitely needs some work with the way it runs......very chaotic at times.
Cleveland high school has made my entire high school experience a dream come true. They care about you and your feelings, and they also want to see you and others around you succeed in anything you do!
My experience in Cleveland High School was very exciting, but stressing. When you're the oldest in the house other than your parents its hard. There was times where I couldn't do things due to me having a little brother who I had to babysit. Cleveland High School has many teachers who loved to be there and actually teach you there, but there were some who were only there for the money and Im not exaggerating. There were teachers/subs who would tell me that all the time. There might not of been many teachers with patience, but I did learn a lot and Im proud that I have one more year to graduate, I made it.
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