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I am in my senior currently it’s a good school they are a little strict with the dress code but the teacher last an administrators are very helpful
Most of the teachers actually know how to teach but the food is terrible and administration isn’t the greatest. Also the dress code is ridiculous and needs to be changed.
Teachers are great but are very lenient and there is really no discipline. Teachers let students walk all over them and basically let them do what they want. There are very few teachers that actually discipline in the class room.
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I have went to Cleveland Public schools all my life and nothing seemed to change. It was a small school I always felt safe, but there is so many things that need to change. First thing is that no one accepts different ideas or even people. They are all stuck in their ways and if you aren't like them then you may even be picked on. The sad thing is, is that it's the schools "star students" that are doing so nothing ever happens to them. I am a quiet pupil so I notice and hear lots of things. I would like the students and teacher to become more open to new things and treated everyone with kindness.
This is a very peaceful and polite environment, but it didn't feel like they gave attention to the students. They are great people and leaders, but because they are like that, they cannot hear the student's voices. Overall, this is a great school, but a way to make it better is to actually interact with the students together.
Although every highschool student has their own opinions about highschool some are bad and some are good. I don’t dislike the schools and I’m not in love with it. There are something’s every school needs to improve on and Cleveland fits in that category. My overall experience of Cleveland is pretty good and I like it here. Everyone is friendly and we have good rules.
My Experience at CHS was excellent. The teachers where nice and helpful. They tried to teach as much as they could with what resources they had. The extracurricular activities like band, ports, and clubs where all well supported and funded as much as the school could afford. The thing I most enjoyed most about CHS was that they really cared about their students.
Cleveland High School has taught me what it is like to be pushed. I have been made more independent by striving for greatness. I would love to see students around me to be as motivated as others but we are lacking in that.
I would like to see teachers more dedicated to the success of their students and to invest in their future.
I grew up going to school there and it was nice to grow up with the same group of kids and graduate with them. Small towns often include drama though which can cause problems. I would like to see their academic opportunities expand though.
The majority of instructors are predominately focused on their careers as coaches rather than instructors, and so are not passionate nor knowledgeable about the subjects they teach.
My high school experience is probably not unique. I'm involved in a lot of different activities. The food is ok, classes are ok. Some good teachers and some terrible teachers. Most of the bad teachers are coaches who want to coach and not teach. The administration is mediocre. They cover for teachers first, then worry about student issues. Cleveland High School isn't as bad as the middle school which is really bad.
School nurse does a good job.
I wouldn't choose this school again because I think that I would have more opportunities at another school with better ap classes & college readiness.
The teachers do an okay job but when comparing to other students at different schools I feel like Cleveland falls short. Concurrent enrollment is not encouraged by teachers but should be because it prepares us for college.
Some of the teachers we have at Cleveland High School don't really have a good teaching method. They sit at their computers while the students play on their phones. Those classes are the core classes that we need to have to graduate. However, a majority of the teachers have great teaching lessons and want to see their students succeed.
My experience at this school has been the best that I could ask for. I would not have wanted to spend the last 13 years anywhere else. I have made so many relationships within the school that I might not have made anywhere else.
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The teachers at my school are very helpful with outside activities and college prep. They try their hardest to engage with the students and push them to do their very best.
I loved taking pottery classes all last year, and joining the foreign language club. I am a member of NHS and have gotten to be involved in a few different fundraisers. A really fun experience I had was helping the band parents work the concession stand in the Cleveland and hominy game.
The Event Center is large, current , and easily accessible for many sporting events, both school or town affiliated
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