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In my personal opinion, I believe that Cleveland Central High School could be a lot better in various ways. Starting in 2017, the two public schools in my hometown were combined. Unfortunately, this caused traditions and many other things to disappear without any knowledge or care on how the students being affected would feel. The education has gotten better over the years; although, in state tested classes such as English and Biology, our teachers are told to teach us to test not to learn.
It is now Cleveland Central High School but it is a very outstanding school. There are many different extracurricular activities to get involved in and a variety of classes not offered by other school ls in it’s area. The teachers are friendly and well trained for the most part and everyone who is employed by the school will work to push you ahead.
The school has been a pretty average experience without much of stand out performance. The teachers have been a useful asset and friend to me which has brought the experience up. I enjoyed the activities that have been involved ,but they lacked depth and funding to take them to next level.
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My experience at Cleveland Central High school was decent.I liked how I have had help from the teachers and principals.I also love the announcements and the Wolfpack News.What I think should be changed is the school spirit/support of the football team,the school functions,and the way the substitute teachers are trained to do their job.What I would like to improve(added) to my school is more pep rallies,more entertainment and enjoyment from the majorettes,the band,and basketball games.Also,more help from the 12th grade counselor in order to pave our way for colleges and success.The question I am asking is where the extra help and enjoyment outside of school life with school events? Cleveland Central High School is a school that is mostly on an average level when it comes to behavior and education,even though they are some bad things going on inside and outside of the building.
I like that the teacher's were very passionate about helping student's understand the material. I also really enjoyed the marching band. Being a part of the marching band made me feel like I belonged somewhere and it helped me make friends. I would like to see more diversity of teachers there. While attending Cleveland High School, I only had one African American teacher. I would also see more school spirit. Pep rallies and other social events didn't have much student interaction while I attended there.
The environment and people at CHS is what made it great. There were so many people who cared about your academics and future. I could talk to anyone, student or teacher, and they were willing to help me as best as they could.
Cleveland High School has a lot of history, and the students are very friendly. However, the facilities are run down, the teachers are often inexperienced or unmotivated, and it lacks a large variety of classes.
Cleveland Highschool is a very good highschool it is very diverse and has a lot of intresting teachers as they all obtain there own learning style. two things that i would like cleveland to improve on is food and saftey to be honest there are many fights that happen but there are alot of succurity which doesnt make it a very unsafe enviornment. Cleveland has a bunchful of clubs that person can go in they are very fun, we even have our own tv show called Kcav. Overall Cleveland is a very wonderful school as it is very diverse and benefiting.
Though fights are commonplace, participants are quickly and efficiently dealt with, and bullying is extremely rare. Students caught participating in illegal activities on school grounds are immediately removed from the school. Most students stand up for each other
Extracurricular variety is substandard, but the overall quality is wonderful. Some clubs do poorly, but athletics and theater thrive and are able to consistently outperform many local schools.
Some parents support some events. Few support many areas.
Many teachers know less of their subject matter than do the students. The faculty turnover rate is atrocious, and there are not enough teachers of any quality to teach required classes
Some coaches care more about there sports than other
The first years where great the last two years the highschool has gone down
Some teachers care more than others
The health and safety is okay at our school. If we ever needed a nurse, we were able to call the nurse and there's always a cop nearby.
The extracurricular activities at our school have become a big part in my life. All the activities help shape the character of every student to make them better for the future.
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This school has helped mold me into the person I am today and I'm very proud of who I am. Cleveland High School offers so many sports, activities, and clubs so that everyone can feel like a part of the school. If I could redo high school I wouldn't go to any other school because I would be a completely different person and I wouldn't have met all the people I call my friends.
Our teachers do the best with what they are given. Our school is not the most funded school in the district so our teachers are restricted to what they get. I, as a senior, have many teachers that care more than any other teacher I've had.
This school overall is very different.
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