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Cleveland Heights High School provided me with a unique high school experience filled with diversity and culture. The school was always filled with life as clubs and sports team were always having events. The school spirit was impeccable and only got better as I got older. It was not always seen as one of the best schools academically, but I think in many ways we were set up fro success with our REAL program as well as the countless opportunities to take college courses while still in high school.
It's honestly like every other school but sometimes it's annoying how there's the occasional group of students who don't appear to care about learning and the security guards are more about getting along with students rather than enforcing the school dress codes.
I like about Cleveland Heights that is The student body is mostly African-American black and also we have a great sports team Heights athletic teams play in Division I

The school is known for its strong music departments, including the Vocal Music Department which includes A Cappella , Men's and Women's Barbershop, Singers, and Men and Women's choruses. and a great sports team . Cleveland Heights High School is Unranked in the National Rankings. Schools are ranked based on their performance on state required tests and how well they prepare students for college. i will also would like to see Cleveland heights change by having more great teachers because our Cleveland heights teacher mostly like to forces on more about the ( Ohio state test ) and not force on our Academics to get on a college level or a high school level because mostly of us at Cleveland heights high school are in a second grade reading level or still in middle academics level.
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I have been in the CH-UH City School District since I was 6, I have gone to Noble, Boulevard, Monticello, and Heights. The high school and its atmosphere have been some of my favorite parts of my education in general. I am in all honors classes and although the teachers are not always the best, I have found a place with friends and acquaintances and I am excited to be an alum in 2 years.
I've been in the Cleveland heights district since the 4th grade and the overall environment that CHUH School District gives is a great environment. Many of the elementary schools are I.B League and the athletics take our students very far including the NCAAP, and AVID which gets students prepared for college as early as the 7th grade. The holiday events to do at the schools for children makes them feel very much at home. The safety for the students is at an all time high and bullying is never tolerated. The school is extremely diverse and very cultural when it comes to have foreign students into foreign language classes as early as elementary!
It’s a great school. Cleveland heights high school is a great learning environment for high school students because it allows them to grow. It is place that builds dreams and makes you want to reach higher goals. The teachers also care about you and want you to go beyond your dreams and do great things. It also make students want to go beyond themselves and show the world what they are truly made of.
I loved going to Heights High. It was like one big family. The teachers and staff were excellent. The parents were very involved and always made aware of what was going on with their children at all times.
I really liked this school, the classes that I had were very stimulating and challenges. There are no changes I would make!
Depending on the teacher and classes some students have can determine their experience at Heights. There are some faculty members that care for students and want them to succeed, so they will prepare students even if they’re not a teacher. However, classes like AVID and even career prep classes help as well, but one good thing about going to heights is the support goes beyond the class room.
My Main discrepancy is how much my teachers and administrators seemed to care about us as individual students, which isn't much. Working with children is a career path that requires one to be passionate about, and if that passion does not exist within a person, then that is not a career path that they should go down.
I loved Cleveland heights, it ended my highschool career on an amazing note, I met my best friends from their and my favorite teachers. I highly recommend you send your children there, they staff cares and it's nice there. There were moments tho that I didn't like but it usually was resolved
My experience was pretty good. Its all about what you make of your experience. Nothing is fun unless you make it or believe it to be. Some people like the school and others don't.
I was involved in many extra curicaumar activities like marching band and the student that helped shape my overall experience. Staff have always been helpful and involved in college/career prep. Are trade school preparations and classes also allow student to receive an associated right out of high school!
This school was so underfunded, filled with gangs and teachers that just don't care that I actually dropped out and received my GED instead. Worse school ever but it borders on Cleveland so it's expected to be horrible.
I was only there for my vocational classes. It was an okay school. The school wasnt as good as my main campus school, but it did have better and more outside thingsthan my school did.
Overall I had a great experience at Heights. I can say that I had some great teachers that were supportive and pushed me enough so that I feel like I could become college ready.
I liked the variety of classes/ extracurricular activities. I did not like some of the rules and how they were enforced.
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A generally diverse school with a very good sports program and a very strong vocal music/theatre department. There have been many advances in recent years towards career preparation like with classes like audio engineering (which I took), fashion design, video production, and forensic science. While some teachers lacked the "it" factor to really interest me in certain subjects, others such Mr. Bennekamper (audio engineering) and Mr. Glass (Video Production) challenged me to become a better student. There's also the AVID program that helps ready young students for the college workload. Overall, I'm glad I didn't go to any other public school in Cuyahoga County.
I love Heights, there's such an eclectic mix of activities, ideas, and people to interact with and learn from. Academics, teachers, and administration could use work, though
The school offers a wide variety of course with some excellent teachers. We often have students from other schools within the city coming to our Career Prep courses. However, with such a large amount of students and a limited amount of counselors scheduling is often difficult for everyone at the start of the school year.
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