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Cleveland Early College High School Reviews

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What I liked most about this school was how hands on everything was. The teachers were really attentive and always went out of their way to help the students. The principle was also very friendly and any student could go to her and talk to her about anything that was bothering them.
My favorite part about Cleveland Early College high school is the school culture and the drive from the students to do well. Often, students are encouraged to take college courses while in high school and this is one of the small steps that lead to greater overall success.
The teachers are amazing! The staff is very friendly and great atmosphere. I love it. New opportunities arrises every month and they go out of they way to make sure your future is taken care.
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I enjoy this school. The staff really care about you and you can tell they want nothing less than the best for you except the guidance councilor Ms.Lee
I enjoyed my 4 years in high school. There weren't that many activities to do outside of class but I still enjoyed the experience thanks to the people there.
I have had great experiene while getting an amazing education while at John Hay. The principle and staff are wonderful to be work with and they'v always had exemplary expectations from all students. Although academics is the centerpiece at Cleveland Early College, the biggest thing that we're missing is the Arts: such as band,orchestra, dance, literature, poetry, and choir.
Cleveland Early college was a very educational school, the hardest school I’ve ever been too. Everyone was very welcoming. I loved that I could be myself and not have to change to fit in. The teachers were nice and always gave extra help to students when needed. Some things were unorganized but everything always tends to work out.
I honestly love the school that I attend. The academics that Cleveland Early College High School offers are amazing. Our teachers push us to go to college to reach our fullest potential, as well as prepare us for life after high school. However, if I could change anything about the school, I would change the amount of extracurricular activities by increasing them with more things that could interest a diverse group of students and involve everyone's interests.
Cleveland Early College High School at John Hay campus gave me a wonderful high school experience. The academics gave me a head start for college and I became friends with many amazing students.
I had an overall great experience at this school. Although things got rough at times, things worked out for the better. As long as you keep the right mindset, you should succeed.
Cleveland Early College was an amazing school. I transferred there my junior year of high school and that was the best decision of my life. It really prepared me for college.
A great school where you can take college classes off campus while earning high school credits at the same time.
I love John Hay. The adults are so supportive and always see the best in you. If you're in need someone will help you. The only problem is that we have to learn quickly so we dont really get the concept in time.
I like being able to take college classes at Cleveland State University. It gives us freedom to be able to make our own decisions and it helps discover what you want to get a degree in as well as prepares you for college. Cleveland State opens up a lot of opportunities for internships and jobs before even getting out of high school. The school has tons of sports and after school activities so everyone can find something to do outside of taking classes which is great. The school also offers a lot of help outside of class including Saturday school, student tutors, and after school help from teachers. The only thing I wish was different about the school is the dress code.
The great thing about early college is being able to take College classes so you aren’t on campus all the time
My experience at Cleveland Early College has been a magnificent experience. The environment is very welcoming, we treat each other like family. It’s a safe place and the learning academics are awesome, Early College is known for being one of the best schools in Cleveland and teachers are willing to help and stick by your side when needing assistance with anything. Early College also gives you the option of taking college credit classes off school campus in the year of being a sophomore until senior year. If Early College were to change anything this year it would be adding more courses to the academic chart like for example adding entrepreneurship, cooking class , and etc. Overall , the school is a great school. If I were to recommend any 8th graders to a high school I would tell them to go to Early College High School.
Cleveland Early college higshcool is an amazing school that not only prepares students for college but also life after college. Our principal is very involved with our academics and wants to insure the success of eveery student, no matter what it takes.
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Cleveland Early College @ John Hay is a great school. They prepare you for and give you the proper jumpstart into college, starting you off with college courses in your sophomore year of school.
I love the environment. It's teaches you to grow up and be responsible. It's preparing you for the college life.
Cleveland Early College at John Hay, is an awesome high school. Located in the heart of Cleveland, Cleveland Early College High school(CECHS) has a lot of diversity, allowing students from all kinds of back grounds to interact with those who are culturally different. What makes CECHS so different? Cleveland Early College is different because they offer dual enrollment. Dual Enrollment allows for students to enroll in their usual high school courses, but also enroll in college or university courses. Students can either enroll in Tri-C courses, or CCP, college credit plus, through Cleveland State University. The academics are outstanding because the teachers and staff truly care about the students. The teachers and staff are passionate about what they do, providing support to students and after school tutoring. Cleveland Early College is very safe. Security is provided in the building and a police officer patrols the school grounds, metal detectors are also located at main entrances.
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