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I went to Cleveland Christian my entire time in school. It was very small and I was able to get one on one attention with the teachers. It was a great school and I absolutely loved it there. They were all very loving teachers and cares about their students.
I loved most individuals and teachers but there's always bad ones.
As I have said in many of my answers to these questions... The teachers are outstanding in every way possible but if you push them in ways they don't need to be pushed you will be in serious trouble
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This school is very safe we go over many drills on a regular basis to make sure that we know what to do in every situation. They lock the doors from the outside so u can get out but to come back it u have to go through all the offices of the staff so the school knows who is in the building at all times
The computer class is great teaches u many things in a small amount of time. There is a few things in the school building that needs to be redun but most everything is great. We dont really have guidance counselors because there are not many students so they just go to the teacher and they will be glad to help them
Sports which includes: basketball, baseball, volleyball,. Computer classes, gym, tutoring, teachers aid,
Every teacher, school staff, principal everyone is amazing if you do your work and don't give them any trouble
I absolutely love my school it is fully Christ centered MOST of everyone is nice, the teachers are excellant, you can talk to any of them about anything and they will help u the best they can, if your not getting something the first time they explain something they will make time so that they can show u I'm a way that would make since to you... They try to make everything as easy for u as possible but they always teach u amazing things rather it be spiritual, physical, or mental.
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