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Clermont Northeastern High School Reviews

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I've been at CNE for 12 years now and the experience is great. We have a very professional teaching staff that will take time out of their day to help you with anything you're having problems with. The lunch ladies are wonderful ladies and try their best to make lunch the best it can be. The sports teams are wonderful and improving every day. I'm President of the FFA ( Future Farmers of America) and my officer team and I have been improving it ever since the beginning of the year. My heart and soul are in this school and I hope to come back in 10 years and see that some things have changed but some things are same. Now, with what I want to do I hope to come back and be able to help the school I grew up in and got my high school diploma from.
I have always felt very safe at this school in every way.
I have participated in multiple extracurricular while attending this school. I have become friends with most of the people I still hang out with through these activities. Sports have had a huge impact on my time here at CNE. They have been such a good experience and I always had fun playing them. There is a lot of administration support for these activities at our school. You can always count on seeing multiple administrators at our extracurricular events even if they have to travel in order to be able to support us!
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Through this school I have received a lot of support and guidance from numerous people. Some of which are teachers, principals, coaches, my parents, and my friend's parent. Without this sense of community I have been provided with through this school I would not be where I am today and be making big steps towards a bright future like I am. Through CNE I have been given the opportunity to engage in multiple activities and take post-secondary courses which have given me a jump start towards my college degree. I am very thankful for these experiences, people, and opportunities I have received through my school.
The teachers have a genuine concern for the students and truly want them to be successful. They offer additional help when needed and are generally very approachable. They are knowledgeable on the subjects they teach and present the information in ways that are easy to understand. Throughout the years I have attended this school I have received fair and deserved grades.
There are some minor things that aren't necessarily healthy like leaky ceilings but safety wise, CNE is a very safe school, I've never felt unsafe from an outside or inside source
We have many different sports and other activities to participate in but our sports usually suffer. It's mainly because no one wants to come out and play.
For the most part, all the teachers care greatly about the students. They will do everything in their power to help a student with a task no matter what it is.
Clermont northeastern is a very enjoyable high school to attend, it has it's problems but for the most part is a good school. Athletics aren't the best but still have a lot of people at games to support. fairly small school but family like feel, teachers care for you a lot and will try very hard to help you succeed throughout highschool.
There are a lot of fun activities to be involved with at school. Many students enjoy coming to football or basketball games! Those are probably the most popular. There is also the Quiz Team, Marching Band, Theater, Baseball, Softball, and Track. There are things for people to try out.
CNE might not be a big school, or in a city but it is where I would want to go to school. I love it here. The school isn't too small or to big. I have been able to be involved in many events here because of the size. I can enjoy extra curricular activities because of its size. If I could do it all over again, I would still chose to go to school here!
The teachers try very hard to help everyone pass classes. Some will put more effort in than others, but they all try! The teachers are very easy to talk to and don't mind helping students when they need help! All of the teachers I have had at CNE are great!
It's great at the school and the staff cares about it
Our sports teams are always an after school activity that I'm involved in. They are a great thing!
It may be a small school and people may think I'm not getting a true high school experience but I think I am. I love every thing about this school and would not change a single thing about it.
Teachers are great here. They will do anything for their students. They will do everything and anything for their education.
Overall, I felt that I did not get the best academic experience here, but the guidance counselors were always super helpful and they always made my life a lot easier!
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All of the school's administration are all very helpful to listen and enforce the school's policies.
Even though the sports may not have the best of seasons, they can always rely on the great support of the school and families to make even a loss feel better than it should.
The teachers were approachable and gave interesting topics including current events to study and discuss.
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