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Clermont Middle School Reviews

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The school is okay overall its not bad nor good i wish it would look better and not always run down the bathrooms are dirty some lockers are broken and don't even work sometimes my locker gets stuck for no reason at all and this doesn't only happen to me. Some of the students there are nice but most of them are not or just don't take school seriously and just goof around the school makes you pay falcon dollars to go and get stuff from the school store or sit outside instead of being inside during lunch. There's been so many fights going on at the school i don't even know why and it's mostly 7th graders or 8th. The school buses are just there and wont even tell you when they leave if you do miss the bus then bad luck you have to go to the front office call you're parents (or whoever can pick you up) and wait Overall its fine
Clermont middle school was not a well run school in the time I was there. Full of mostly drama, relationships issues, and many fights, there was never a truly safe environment. Of all the teachers I had there, I only learned from two of them; Mr. Howard and Mr. Michelson
The school looks very run down.
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I've had plenty of great times here.
It was an okay middle school that prepared me for high school.
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