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I love my school very much! The teachers are always very helpful and push me everyday to be the best student I can be. There are various activties for student involvment and the biggest classroom size is less than 30 students. Over the years I have attended Clearwater I can honestly say that the school, teacher, and even the students have left a postive impact on my life.
My experience at CHS was mostly positive. The school does try their best to give quality education and activities for being such a small school. Many teachers are really good, and most care about their students. Almost no diversity; very white, Christian, and conservative. Most students are very friendly though, but some can be rude, so just find your friend group and avoid the drama, and you should be fine.
My experience at the Clearwater High School was excellent at teachers take care of their students they really care about how the students are doing they go out of their way to make sure every student is being taken care of the school is amazing.
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I loved going here, very friendly, had lots of fun! I was very into athletics here, and while we weren't the best, we had a lot of pride and tried very hard. Very competitive league.
Pretty good place to go to high school. There is definitely favoritism between teachers and students. The diversity is almost non-existent and unless it has anything to do with a sport, it will not be upgrade or funded.
Clearwater High School and the USD 264 school district as a whole is made up of supportive community members, driven teachers, and passionate students. I enjoyed my time in Clearwater for multiple reasons including the small class sizes, the variety of extracurricular activities, and the opportunity to lead.
I loved most of my teachers at Clearwater! I had a very positive experience. The school is so small that I was able to participate in any sport that I wanted to do.
Clearwater High School gave me one of the best high school experiences I could have ever asked for! The cozy town is filled with genuine people that I have known all of my life. Going to school everyday with friends I grew up with added to my experience. The teachers at Clearwater High make sure you feel included and take teaching to another level. Each teacher notices you as an individual pupil and is always willing to slow down a lesson, or teach you more in depth with one-on-one time. The small town atmosphere made high school a breeze and allowed me to get to know all of my classmates on a more personal level. Overall, I am very glad I was able to spend my education from Kindergarten to 12th grade in the Clearwater School District.
Every year at CHS has been amazing, with the exception of this year. While it hasn’t been horrible, it hasn’t been as amazing as the previous years. We are under new administration and it’s just a different environment compared to the past. Still a great school filled with amazing faculty who really care about our students. Go Indians!
I feel very safe at this school in every way. I hope they continue to improve safety measures in the future.
There are many extracurricular sat this school but they're not very flexible when it comes to students in more than one activity.
Overall, my experi nice hasn't been the best on an athletic level due to disrespectful coaches. However, my academic experience has been great. I like how small and tight knit the school is as well.
I'm always challenged in my classes, especially science and math classes
I have never felt unsafe in this school.
The activities are very fun and get you involved
I loved the sense of community this school provides
The teachers at this school are down right amazing
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There is something you can learn from this school system.
Everything we go through to learn is normally very helpful and the teachers are pretty helpful normally.
We have powder puff and buff puff every year, linkcrew groups for the freshmen, kayw, nhs, and many other extra curricular activity groups
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