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I have been at this school for four years and I can say I've had a pretty good experience. They have so many paths you can take, and for a lot of different careers. I myself was involved in CAICC, a business academy. Now I am bundled in all microsoft offices and have a certificate in small business. All of the teachers are very supportive and care for their students' success. Last year, our school even had a 95% graduation rate! Our drama department is very popular in our county and even people who don't go to our school come to see our plays. I was also involved in a class called the Civil Rights Ambassadors. We talk about human rights and how we can apply equel human rights to our economy. We also participated in many county and national conventions and conferences in which we received positive feedback for. So overall, I believe Clearwater high school is a good school to go to. It may open new doors to many who aren't sure what they want to do.
I graduated from this school in 2018. I loved the small town vibe. It was always super easy to make new friends and the friendships I made there will last a lifetime.
Clearwater high is alright for education and offers aice and high level classes. But the facility is ancient and most of the students and teachers make the experience worse.
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i’ve been going to clearwater high school since my freshmen year and i’ve enjoyed every year. The community is very diverse and the teachers and administration are very helpful, also caring. I have also played sports all 4 years and I believe our coaches are very good to the athletes and do a very good job at trainer there athletes. The only thing that sucks about our school is the food BLAH. WE NEED DIFFERENT LUNCH ASAP. We have very excellent clubs and all of our extracurricular activities with in the school are very organized and helpful. The academic programs at our school are also very educational and help prepare the students for college.
The teachers give their all to students, and they dedicate their ti e to having Saturday tutoring days on the campus for different subjects.
i loved how clearwater high school will do anything to get their students involved with the school. they have lots of ways for students to get involved academically and for fun. they have all sorts of clubs. they also have lots of sports that allow students to show off their abilities. though the school needs a remodeling like the bathrooms are horrendous and the hallways sometimes smell. i think if these things changed then more students would be motivated to be at school.
The teachers and staff are really bubbly and are always willing to help. Whereas the students have their own "cliques" if you choose to be with the smart and good individuals you'll be good.
Um I went to Clearwater high all my 4 years ever since I got there it was very diverse (me myself I’m Mexican so also colored ) I liked everything me personally the teachers , the lunch time, the classes but something I would change maybe the strictness or parent involvement maybe, many students come into the school lost or thinking they’re the got stuff but at the end of the day we’re all there for the education . Maybe higher pay for teacher and better resources some things are out dated. And yeah
Well, for the most part, the teachers and education there isn't the best, but the school does have some caring teachers that motivated me to learn. It provided me with just enough resources so that i could learn material on my own if i couldn't rely on my teachers.
Clearwater high has great staff members and the campus was a good size as well. There were some occasional fights but not many and they were always quickly handled.
Clearwater High is great for the typical High School experience but for academics the school has faults.
Clearwater high school was not clean, and had a lot of safety issues. Teachers tried their best with the resources they had, but weren’t given much.
I would like to see the high school update their classes to involve more stem classes. Overall the school is generally a good school that provides everything a student needs to succeed as well as plenty of opportunities to branch out of your comfort zone and join after school activities.
My experience at Clearwater High School has been good. I learned so much while at Clearwater High School and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to go there. There are some things, however, which made my experience less positive. The attitude of other students is generally negative, most students have a lack of respect for each other, for teachers, and for the school itself, and this attitude can be seen in some of the administrators as well. Despite this, I would not trade my time at Clearwater High, because it made me who I am today.
It’s it a very nice school. Not the greatest academic wise but you still get the education and tools you need to apply to big universities.
There are a lot of undisciplined children. When I was going to this highschool a lot of students were so rude and have foul language. The school is also ridiculously filthy. And the staff treats you like you’re a young child.
love the AICE program but wish the school was renovated. many of the teachers are good and care about the students.
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The staff were engaging, but sometimes difficult to access. The dress code proved to be disruptive to the point that I would very much recommend its modification for the sake of student's education.
I love that there's many different clubs you can join and I also love the diversity. I love the variety of sports they have. I like how easy it is to find your way around the school. I believe that there isn't that much to change about Clearwater High School.
I was a student of Clearwater High school. I love getting to know all of the students there and some of the teachers who desired to work. the immediacies are very involved and my over all experiences was antiquate

the staff was horribly, i had a disability and thy wouldn't let me atoned there school because of it. apparently you can "miss a full month of school and still be able to continue your educations" from a current staff mumber at the school. if you have a disability thy will try everything in there power for you not to get your needs. i would like them to care more about there students then for them to pretend that there the best school ever. i found out that Largo High school has amazing classes that can be compared to Clear water.
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