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Clearwater Central Catholic High School Reviews

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Campus is updated which is great! New buildings! Teachers some of the best I've ever had, the push me harder every day. In the IB program, I know I'm prepared for what college beings to me. Great front office staff! Great admin! Everlasting friendships! Go marauders!!!
The school is overrated and not what it seems to be. Their main emphasis is on sports and mainly varsity football. Most JV teams and other sports teams are very underfunded and not really cared about by the administration, facility, and coaches. Several teachers are inexperienced and academics are not that difficult.
Teachers were always helpful and willing to go out of their way to individually cater to students. Staff was okay. Some went above and beyond, while others weren't much help. Sports are okay, but football is mostly focused on. Clubs aren't funded enough whether drama, tech., or literary magazine. Overall, good place to go.
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CCC has provided me with an education that will help me in college and post college. There are many clubs to be involved in but sports are the most popular extracurriculars. The facilities themselves are not the best as of right now, though they are under renovation.
My son has taken a college preparatory program in a happy, safe environment. He is a senior now with amazing SAT scores applying to colleges all over the country. We are very happy with his high school education. Not only college prep, honors, AP classes and IB program, but art classes, loving teachers and a championship athletic program. Tight-knit group of educators and parents make for happy, healthy students. Would recommend this school to any faith. The school is a Catholic school, however all faiths are welcomed and encouraged. Some facilities are being re-vamped in the next year. Beautiful performing arts center.
I loved my two years at CCC. I transferred as a junior, but the transition was made so easy with the well-trained and welcoming staff and administration, as well as the friendly and close-knit student body. I was encouraged to join organizations and clubs as soon as I started attending the school. When I struggled academically to transition, my teachers devoted extra time to teach me lessons I had missed. The counselors checked in on the students actively, whether through appointments or casual conversation in the halls. Everyone there was approachable and accessible, making for a family-like atmosphere. Everyone at CCC really wanted to make my high school experience a great one, and they successfully achieved that.
Great experience over all four years there. Both the IB Program and many AP classes are offered for great college preparation. Wonderful teachers, and above all a great school community!
It's an amazing school with amazing teachers who won't let you fail and always want to see you succeed!
It is good school that provides a strong Catholic education. I attended religious schools my entire life, but CCC was different. In the past I just "went through the motions" of religion, but now I have made it something I truly believe in. Through the educators, faculty, and other students my catholicism has grown and my academics have flourished.
I liked the variety of classes offered, how much the teachers cared about the students, but mostly I enjoyed the school spirit! If I were to change anything, I would want the school to be a little bit larger in class size.
Overall most teachers are very good.
I think the school is safe. We've never had a problem.
They have various clubs and sports for kids to join.
I have one graduated and two attending. I am very happy with the school. It's very accepting of different religions and although it is Catholic, they don't try to push religion down their throats like some other schools. I feel they would benefit by hiring one more counselor, the ones there seem a little overwhelmed. Overall it is a great school, with great kids and a good environment.
The drama department and volunteer opportunities are outstanding.
The only remark against the teachers could be that complaints against them by parents and students alike are not always listened to and taken seriously/into account.
The only complaint ever uttered is the popular remark that football gets special treatment. They do.
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As selectivity increases perhaps then it will become more selective and problematic but the standards now are very fair.
I was always playing sports
I felt very prepared for college
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