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I enjoyed the family dynamic that you receive with being a part of the Clearview Community. The staff and students are very welcoming and are very supportive. The education I received was very rewarding, yet I would have liked to have a class or some type of education on the basics of paying bills, doing taxes, etc.
During my experience at this school was great. I learned new things and as time went on I matured and tried my hardest to do better. Even though there is many great things there, there is always room for change at schools. One change that Clearview should make is have more activities around the school to help the students get active in these involvements.
Overall parents are very involved. Sporting events are very supported by parents and students. Our school is small but very diverse.
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Teachers at Clearview are very interested in their students. They keep up with the latest technology to help kids learn. They regularly attend seminars regarding different ways to teach.
Clearview is smaller then most of the schools around. If I could do it all over I would go to a different school since their sport programs arent generating enough money for a girls soccer team, Im stuck with not being an offical team. Also not being able to be scouted. i beleive if I went to a different school I would have made varsity and we would of had way more girls.
There are a handful of teachers who seem like they dont have a clue on how to teach the kids. There are alot of teachers who care about the students. The cannot keep up with grades sometimes.
There is no police at Clearview all the time. The only reason for the police to be there is if there is a bomb threat or drug searches. I feel as if there should be police at this school at all times because I feel as if schools are unsafe and students need to feel protected and I for one did not feel safe in that school while attending.
Extracurricular activities are easy to be a part of but there is a lot of favoritism involved in them as well. For instance, if your family aren't friends with the leader of the activity or the coach of the team then you do not get to participate in a lot of things and you do not get a lot of playing time at all and it's really sad. I wish that this would change in the upcoming years.
Clearview used to be known as The Clipper Family, it used to be such a friendly and nice school and now it's like it all has changed. The one word I would not use to describe Clearview is family and that made my experience harder. I had very little connections with my teachers and I was not very sociable with other students because I felt like everyone was judgmental and there was absolutely no feeling of a family.
Most of the teachers are friendly and very helpful, but some are just there for a paycheck. I would have thought that teachers would have more heart and care for students especially when they're struggling but now in the modern days it seems like they are just in it for the money. Who wants to be taught by a teacher with no heart? Don't get me wrong, some of the teachers will go completely out of their way to help students who are struggling or going through bad times and it's amazing to see that, I just wish that all of the teachers were that caring.
There are some precautions but sometimes I see things that are unsafe.
I honestly wish they're were more after school activities.
It saddens me to see parents not being involved enough.
I feel as if teachers are very intelligent however, they sometimes are not very good at giving the knowledge to their students.
Even without security, the school is pretty safe.
There's a large variety of clubs and activities.
Many teachers clearly show favoritism. However, it is clear that most teachers care about their students and their education.
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The extracurricular opportunities at the school is diverse and allow different characters to find where they feel comfortable with being themselves.
Overall the school make me feel relaxed and not pressured at all and allow me to be me without labels.
Teacher have a different teaching style than the other teachers in their department but all have helpful ways and know what they are talking about.
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