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I had a very enjoyable High School experience. The majority of my teachers were caring and seemed to genuinely enjoy their job. The student life was great. I am a big fan of the way the student council was run. Student involvement is a big priority at Clearfield. The one thing I would like to see improved is the preparation and application to real life, specifically in classes such and Physical Education and Financial Literacy.
Clearfield high is a caring school in my heart and in my community. We donate money for charity and help others grow. I will admit the school is definitely underfunded and looks old. However we face are challenges and work toward a better tomorrow.
Clearfield simply has a positive environment. This building is old, the sports teams are less competitive with the region, and the school itself is in a poorer area, yet there is no other school I'd rather go to. Everyone is just nice at the school, it's a climate of "we are all in this together". It may be in a poorer area but there are many well off people there and everyone acts as each other's equal. At football games we generally maybe school once or twice, yet our fan section is legendary in the whole region. Every school has its mean kids and it's bad ones, and Clearfield is no exception. But there is still this aura of no judging. The academics at the school are some of the best in the state as well. As a student involved in the soccer team as well as taking many AP classes I see both sides of the spectrum. Through it all I am proud to be a falcon!
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Being a student at Clearfield High I always felt left out just because I was one of the few students that parents were immigrants.
Clearfield High is a school filled with many diverse students. Teachers are motivated to keeping their students interested in their school work and get thinking about college or other learning opportunities. Students are welcoming and friendly. Overall clearfield high is a great school and i’d recommend new sophomores to consider what this school has to offer.
Clearfield has incredible, welcoming teachers. They all make an effort to teach you well. School Spirit is fantastic. Clearfield High School is a good environment to be a part of.
Clearfield High School is the best school I have ever attended! The school spirit is amazing and the students and teachers are all kind and understanding! It is an amazing school!
The current administration doesn't truly care about the students and arbitrarily enforces rules, but most of the teaching staff easily make up for it. The academics teams are quite strong, such as Speech & Debate and FBLA. However, the football team struggles, as well as a majority of the sports. The classes offered could be broader, but the IB program is amazing if you want to get started on college credits.
It’s only been my first year there since I moved from salt lake to Syracuse but from what I can see it’s a decent school.
Clearfield high is a great school with a lively student body and amazing teachers, who have proved to me that they care about their students and want them to succeed. Students at Clearfield are kind and willing to be a friend.
I like that it has lots of different options in advanced classes and I also like the feeling of unity and service among the students there. The school is pretty old though.
I really like the music program at clearfield high. The program is one of the best in the district. All students can be involved and its so much fun. Mrs Sowby, the choir teacher, has been working there for over 15 years. She is dedicated to making sure her students have a good high school experience
I had an amazing experience at Clearfield High School! Although there was no A/C, the academics, teachers, and school spirit made up for it!
Clearfield High School maintained a positive image for their school and had a clear agenda about their educational goals for each student. Each faculty and staff member had special bonds with their students, making them feel special and important. Many teachers went the extra mile as well, spending much time out of school prepping helpful material. Although school is very stressful, the faculty never allowed the students to give up, rather they pushed them to continue forward, knowing that they could.
Clearfield High also provides a safe and comfortable environment for everyone that walks through the doors. The cultural diversity is amazing, and their ability to acknowledge and accept everyone is admirable. They also have the best school pride around, they proudly bleed green for their school!
It was a great school with lots of opportunities for socializing and making friends. There was always something to do! I was struggling with disability during my time there and was not super pleased with the support of a few of the teachers and staff members and they were not terribly accommodating when my health really began to slip and I struggle with physically attending school. Other than that little road bump, it was a good school!
I loved this school. It was a great place to be! I was able to make some really good friends and even play some sports for the school. I had a lot of fun in all of the activities and couldn't have had it any better way. It was a great experience for sure!
I really liked the environment at Clearfield High School. I felt like there were not any cliques, everyone was very kind and open. The teachers and advisors also worked with students to help them succeed.
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It was a welcoming environment with a friendly student body. The more I put myself out there, the more people I became friends with. I loved every minute of my senior year due to the number of clubs and organizations I participated in. At times, the staff was not very helpful, but with some, I had a friendship with which made asking questions and help about my future easier. They also provide concurrent enrollment classes which was an amazing opportunity I had which put me a semester ahead of my peers.
Clearfield is an amazing school full of amazing teachers and students. Clearfield High puts an emphasis on academics. College classes such as CE, AP, and IB classes are offered in almost all subjects. Administration and teachers encourage students to do our best and create a way for us to accomplish our goals.
I enjoyed attending Clearfield High School as a student. They had all the required academics for colleges, a great opportunity for concurrent enrollment, and they were always so helpful with college readiness, and preparing us students for the future.
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