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The school staff are exemplary, Adm and Teachers all dedicated to the success of the Students. Thank you Clear View HS for all you do.
From a Blessed Parent.
The staff really cares for you and will go out of there way to help you especially if you take initiative over your work. My only complaint is the students come here to become better people, but they aren't always nice.
Students are unmotivated and a lot of them drop out! There is also lots of problems with smoking and Juuling. It’s easy to graduate in the top 10% because the academics here are very easy and offer no opportunities for A+ honor students. Lastly, the teachers are not the ones controlling the classroom, the students are. Very bad school!
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this school is the worst school. the classes are too easy and the school offers no opportunities for extracurricular activities. the teachers are kind, but they are desperate for kids to pass their classes, to the point that they make it too easy. it offers no opportunities for honor students. this school does not prepare for being an adult nor gives a student the necessities for college. lastly, there are only 2 tiny clubs here that are not encouraging or fun. the school promised that there is no bullying, but there is. i regret coming here.
I really enjoy attending Clear View. It gives a different environment than the traditional huge Texas high school. The teachers create a very interactive classroom which is nice compared to the normal atmosphere in other schools.
The one major downfall of this high school is that there really isn't much for extracurricular activities. No football, soccer, cheer, etc. One major upside to this school is that the teachers notice you, they recognize you and they give you their attention. You aren't just another student here.
Clear View has definitely changed my life. Before I went to Clear View HIgh School, I didn't think I would have a future. But as a senior, I can say that Clear View is like family. All students there are like siblings to me and teachers are like parents. I can see myself going to college and getting the job of dreams. Thank you!
They were very nice, and never gave up on me. I want the school to be better equipped for teaching. They never had the best equipment but they always tried their best to teach the students.
Clear View's teachers and staff go out of their way to provide individual to each student! They instill in students, that yes, education should be number one priority, but there are things in life that may inhibit that. They realize that home life can be a struggle, and work with students in and out of the classroom. They CARE!
It's okay. Nothing too exciting.
My experience at this school has been a hit and a miss thus far. My fellow students are often lacking in motivation and generally do not care about school. The teachers on the other hand do their best to try and push us to be better than what we thought we could be.
some of them are horrible teacher, one of the rolls his eyes.. and some are way too bossy. other than that they're okay.
I was an "at risk" student who desperately wanted to change my path. Everyone in the school is so supportive, teachers and students(many students went through the same things). They helped me turn things around, I graduated in the top 10% with a GPA of 3.7-3.8 and am now in college. They may not have extra curricular activities, but they offer the support, which larger schools lack.
The teachers here strive for one on one with every child. It's amazing. They care about you and your problems they are always willing to help and listen!
We do not have the funding for organizations,mostly
This school is amazing. It helped me graduate and excel. With out Clear View I would have dropped out. But now I'm graduating half a year early and starting college in January.
No Sports. But we do play dodge ball.It's exciting!
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The food is certainly healthy and it taste fresh!
I think that the teachers should be more responding when their students come to them for help.
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