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My experience was overall, average. Most of my teachers were some of the best and helped me get through learning the material easily and skillfully. The workload, however, is overwhelming so it's difficult to maintain a balance between homework and everything else. I'd want to see more awareness of other major class homework as well as test/project dates. The other issue I'd say is the need to enforce homeroom activities when I believe hr should be used for homework instead. Overall, those are just little adjustments for our school.
Very nice environment! Easy going teachers and staff. Provides opportunities for students and tries their best to improve our experience.
I feel the teachers and staff really care about the kids and their well being. Lots of different clubs and activities so all can belong to something.
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I love how teachers were there to aid students, on educational, assisting on whatever issue we may have such as mentally and emotionally towards our students and is welling to be there for their students. Great on teaching methods a lot of things I remember when I was there and currently using it in the university I am attending. The facilities in this high school are astonishing.
It’s great! I have a lot of fun here. Y’all should join! Anyways it’s pretty good y’all so y’all better join!!
This is due to the safety that isn’t occurring to the school, students shouldn’t go to school during flash flood or any kind of disaster occurring
I like that clear springs highschool has a culture diversity but I would like to see more good people than bad ones in this school.
The students and staff members at this school are nice and encouraging. I would like it if there were more club activities.
My experience at Clear springs high school was a combination of having Fun and focusing on education.
I love all of my teachers! They're so super sweet, and they aren't like most others who are like "Here! Do it yourself!" And you're like sitting there the whole class period and wondering what you're doing. Yea. Not here. :) I wish they would give us an extra minute, especially for 4th period, because I have to go all the way to Gym, and it's harder than it looks! So, change the time between classes to an extra minute, just maybe think about it... PLEASE!!! Besides that, being here for my first 2 weeks in Highschool it's been everything I've ever wanted so... Props to y'all for making my dreams come true!!! :)
I love the atmosphere of the school and their desire to help build community there. I haven't had a bad teacher in the three years I've gone to school there. It has its issues just like any other school, but that doesn't stop the staff from making it as great a place as they can.
At Clear Springs High School, I enjoy how involved the school is with providing activities for the students. For example, numerous pep-rallies, a number of carnivals, and dress-up days for football games. I feel that bringing the students together through these events can help to increase school spirit and, overall, make our high school more enjoyable. A quality that I dislike is the staffing. While most teachers seem to enjoy their role as an educator, the office staff could not be ruder, and more unhelpful. I feel they completely hate their job, making the students' high school experience quite poor.
Counselors do not work with you to help guide you in anyway. There are a few core curriculum teachers that excel in the subject they teach and help students understand what they are learning, while majority are impatient and don’t take time to understand why the students are having problems comprehending their material properly. Dr.Reece is a great vice principal, and he works with parents as well as students to help them achieve their goals in and outside of school.
I strongly believe that attending this school has molded me to be the student and person I am today. Being surrounded by intelligent people and helpful teachers allowed me to be competitive and willing to help myself in all ways possible. I truly loved my overall experience at Clear Springs High School.
CCISD is a great place for your children to be educated. Specifically, Clear Springs High School's teachers really care about their students. From the Administrative Staff to the Teachers, everyone is professional. Any questions a parent may have is answered promptly. My student from Kindergarten to 12th grade has attended CCISD. As a parent, I believe I made the best choice for my child, and I would do it again.
The teachers and staff are all friendly, which made for a great education and high school experience. Classes are taught to prepare me for college and help plan for college and my post college career plans. Teachers push students to do their best to reach their full potential to get into college and be prepared for college level courses.
Horrible, I can’t beleive the amount of juuls they got in the bathrooms. Can’t even go in one without some smoke in yo eyeball
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Staff wasn't super accommodating; whenever students had problems, they often didn't know how to deal with it or referred student to another staff member. Many teachers, especially for the senior class, were not interested/knowledgeable about the topic they were teaching. I had a teacher senior year who rarely ever taught us anything, just told us to do projects or worksheets. Counselors and some staff members would rarely ever answer emails, and if they did, it would be ages later.
Clear Springs High School is the only high school I have attended and I would never wish to have gone to another. Most of the teachers at this school are very involved with their students and help encourage each one to reach their full potential and to strive for their passion. The teachers also work hard to spend extra time with their students who struggle and need assistance with certain aspects of the class which is a great quality to have because many students get into classes they may not be ready for. Clear Springs has also been a very wonderful high school to go to because their are so many programs that allow undecided students to practice different fields in which they might find interesting. I attended some of these classes and found an interest of mine for my future career.
I well appreciated my time at CSHS. The school is very diverse including children from all over the world. They have lots of opportunities to choose from. They have numerous amounts of clubs, and is one of the biggest schools that contain enrolled students.
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