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I personally had an okay time at Clear Spring. The teachers are not bad. But, the students are not the best and the teachers don’t do as much as they should to make sure everything is okay. One of my teachers I have had bad experience with, and did not at all like her grading or attendance because she was absent a lot, and did not grade for months. The arts teachers are very nice and friendly, and there are many opportunities at Clear Spring to get involved.
The atmosphere was nice but their range of classes seemed to focus on only the history side of learning. Its upsetting because those students who do not want to study history and make that their career are kept for learning at higher levels and challenging themselves.
I love Clear Spring! It got me away from my awful experience with students at Williamsport. I love it here and I’ve made some of the closest friends, life long friends, and memories that’ll last forever. The plays and cross country are the two activities I loved the most. Clear Spring will always be my favorite school.
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I just recently transferred to Clear Spring High School as a senior and I couldn't be more excited. Everyone here is knows everyone so it makes for one giant family. People really love getting involved and being active throughout the school so it's really cool to witness the school's tight knit culture in action.
I enjoyed my years at Clear Spring because it was like a family there. We have a small community and everyone knows everybody.You are not a number at my school,teachers know your name. We are a small school,and sometimes are doubted.Especially in sports.One thing to change is if people looked at ys different.We may be small but we are strong.And thats in sports,academics,family,...everything.
This school has no diversity, as well as a poor learning environment. Students act atrociously, often using foul and offensive language with little consequence. While a few teachers are attentive to their student’s needs, the large majority seem unable to take care of anything.
I enjoyed Clear Spring High School, the Advanced Placement program well prepared me for college. The teachers create a nice friendly environment to learn and grow in. The community is a great place to live also. Parents are very involved with clubs especially sports teams.
Careful when your child tries doing SSL hours, the school might switch up what counts and doesn't. Therefore threatening your childs graduation.
Clear Spring high school is a relatively small school which allows every student to have one on one opportunities. The environment is supportive and fun. Academics are well taught and the first priority. The only thing that should be changed is the way that new technology is being integrated, as it is inhibiting the learning environment.
Clear Spring is a very close knit school. All the teachers know the students personally and they care about attendance and grades. Overall it's a great community and a great learning environment.
Great relationships with wonderful teachers. I had a very good time at Clear Spring. I also learned a lot from the Agriculture Academy and FFA which provided me with lots of opportunities to grow my character.
The town of Clear Spring is a small, family oriented town. Most of the teachers are from the area and a good bit of students' parents or even grandparents attended the school. The school's motto is even "one family" and they do try their best to make every single student feel like they are a part of this family. The teachers may seem hard at times but it truly is for the best to further benefit their students.
The school is very close. You know just about everyone. The teachers are very helpful. They are flexible on helping students and getting students extra help.
Clear Spring is a small rural school in a small rural town. Everyone knows everyone and not much happens, but the school is the best with academics and people. Small class sizes means teachers can work with students one on one and are able to get to know the students. Clear Spring is truly a family community, and all will agree that the staff, students and alumni are family. "Tradition never graduates"
Through this school i feel completely safe and healthy.
The range of opportunities at this school are amazing considering the size of the school, but the community involvement and support is overwhelming amazing.
I love the ability to participate at the school and how well liked and supported these activities are by teachers, students, and parents.
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The teachers are both very knowledgeable and interesting in their teaching and are very helpful in all situations.
There are extracurricular activities for everyone at this school. There are many sports offered, clubs for business, art, drama, music, agriculture, religion, and more. Anyone can be a part of a club or organization and it is rewarding to be involved.
The events outside of school were well attended and a lot of fun. I remember being involved in sports and clubs all throughout high school, and the students as well as the families involved made it all a great and memorable experience that I would definitely go back to if I did it all over again.
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