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The academics in STEM are good at preparing you for college, especially the math taught by Mr. Magee. The music program is strong too, with a Recording Technology program and the best band in the county. Safety isn’t that good though. I was electrically shocked twice due to negligence, and there are often very violent fights between students. Overall though, as long as you avoid insulting people, you don’t have to worry about being attacked. I’d say that the strong academics make up for it, especially since the school is going to be implementing new safety measures apparently.
I think that the school was great I just wish teachers would be a little more nicer with helping you to getting your grade up
Very small school but good involvement and nice people. would be good to bring in more people adn yea hnad yeah and yeah nad yeah nadh yeah nah yeah and yeah and yeah and yeah and yeah and yeah abd yeah and yeah and yeah and yeah and yeah and yeah and yeah
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CLHS is a spirited school that valued what students had to say. A small school like this is fun to be around and provides a good environment
My name is Alberto Sturr, and I have been attending CLHS since I was a freshman. Clear Lake High School is a very nice school where the teachers are fun and friendly. The teachers care a lot about their students and will go above and beyond to help the students succeed. their is nothing I would like to change about CLHS.
Small school but large academics. Really prepares you for college. Lots of opportunities for clubs as well as sports. With the correct number of AP classes with knowledgeable teachers preparing you for the tests. We have the ability to pass the AP tests. Also with such a small school you have the ability to make lots of friends with your interests.
At Clear Lake High School, you are guaranteed to have a good time. At the rallies the students are full of energy and at sport games there will always be a student section anywhere we go.
I have never been in any problems with students, my academics, or with the district. People are all around friendly and even though the diversity is the great this school is nice and quiet.
Clear Lake High School is a tight-but school community. Staff and parent support is exceptional. Very good math, science, and English teachers.
Clear lake high school is a fairly nice place. It is fairly clean. The faculty are generally very kind and reasonable. The school band has been a great expirience to myself and many others. But it is underfunded, not unlike most other elective and or extracurricular courses and activities. Most of the teachers are very good at engaging their students, though, there are always exceptions. As humans, their personalities and, in extent, their teaching styles vary from teacher to teacher. Some are better than others. But, overall, my expirience at clear lake high school has been satisfactory.
I've always enjoyed CLHS because I have always lived in the town of Lakeport. However, the way in which the seniors go about learning is little to none, especially depending on their electives.
I am a senior at Clear Lake High School and throughout my years here i have learned a lot. I've learned to never give up on myself and always cherish the moments.The thing i like about Clear Lake High School is that the staff of teachers are caring and what us to do our very best to achieve our goals. They offer us help and give us their support. The thing about Clear Lake High School that I would love to see change is just more outside seating for students to enjoy the sun. I will truly miss my days at Clear Lake High School.
I like how willing they are for us to learn, they are very eager for us to do our best, they are always there for help. Just would like to see a little bit of change when it comes to cancelling school when the conditions aren't safe.
I enjoy the small town aspect of the school. I wish there was a bit more funding for the arts and more AP classes offered.
This experience was a lot easier than I expected, I was easily able to apply for this scholarship and I believe that it could not have been any easier. Furthermore, I must say, that I look forward to seeing how this turns out, as I hope I get this scholarship immensely.
I rarely saw parents at school besides picking kids up or yelling at staff about something they did not like.
Most teachers know what they are taking about and are fairly good about conveying the lesson, but often fail to connect to many students.
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there is a lack of variety of classes offered
students are relatively accepting of one another
teachers are very supportive of students in many aspects of their life (academics, extracurriculars, home life, etc.); teachers are there because they want to be, not because it was their best option
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