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I love going to Clear Lake High School. The students are all very close and have a large support system. It is easy to connect with teachers and they genuinely care about how you are doing and want to see you succeed. Although it is a small school and doesn't have as many resources as larger schools, it has a good variety of clubs and organizations to participate in and all the necessary tools to prepare you for your future.
The academics here at our school are great, there is a nice amount of subjects for everyone
I have never had a bullying issue at this school, the only thing that keeps it from a 5 star rating is that I know of few people who are being bullied. Those issues are being assessed by the guidance counselor or her club called STS. STS stands for students to students, it is an organization I am proud to be apart of. Members of this club help out students by just being someone there to talk to. Other students may feel more comfortably talking to STS members because they know them and trust people their own age. Overall this school is very safe and always made me feel at home.
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At my school there are limited clubs and sports but what that is offered is what is focused on. Here we take pride in what we do, in all clubs and athletic extracurricular activities there is much success. The advisors/coaches give it their all to make the best out of the experience. There is a lot of support from everyone, the community, administration board, parents and students at every event and activity that the students participate in. Although they may not have every club, the level of commitment and success is very high in every club.
What makes this school unique to me is the factor that it is located in a small town in Wisconsin. It is pleasant to be in a smaller school with fewer students and to be able to be so close to everyone. Everyone is so supportive at small schools and everyone is there because they want to be. If I could do it all over again I would, the people here are amazing and nothing would beat the education that I have gotten from my school.
I cannot put all of the teachers at my school into one group that I judge them upon. I've had good and bad teachers that treat me very different. In my rating I focused more on the teachers that stood out to me. These teachers are great encouragers of education, know what they are teaching and make learning fun to the student because of hands on interactive practices. Overall even if I am not in favor of a teacher I know that if I ever need help with anything I have any teacher to go talk to.
Practically everyone is white, with some exceptions. Foreign exchange students attend. There is some diversity of sexual orientation.
Dress code is basic. Bullying and use of terms such as 'retard' are rare, at least from what I could tell.
There are some students who do drugs, but they are strictly forbidden to in school and are punished when discovered.
Not many honors programs. Help available for struggling students.
There is not a lot of funding for non-sports activities. Sports dominate the interest of the students although other options exist. The teachers that lead the groups seem very devoted, however, and encouraging.
I have had plenty of good memorys in this school, and I have went far in sports also, but the thing is I don't like a lot of the people in this school. I may not be the smartest person in the school, but there are a lot of people in the school that I can not stand. They have no common sense, and most of them are jsut idiots. They do stupid things without thinking. The school itself isn't bad, and I do have my friends, but I feel these people are so stupid they will never get out of Clear Lake, and they will live here and struggle through life, and they will be ok with it. So I wouldn't choose this school again because there is no drive for so many of the students.
The academics aren't bad, but for a small school they only offer a slim amount of classes. A lot of people would like to take certain class, to plan for a high education, but being in this small school, they aren't offered classes that could possibly help in the future.
In Clear Lake, the magority of the teachers do their jobs very well, they can tell when students are struggling and offer their help, yet there are a select few teachers here that are for a lack of better words are worthless as a teacher. They just sit in there desk and give you a book, and when it comes to handing in assignments the teacher loses them. Some days the teacher doesn't do anything, not that people complain about it, but still. He doesn't assign anything or even explain what you are supposed to be doing. most people just sit there and talk.
Very well. There is something for everyone in the school, and th opportunities in our extracurriculars are pretty well also you can go to stat conventions, and other things also.
Our dress code is nice, doesn't take away individuality.
We have great health and safety policies at school.
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My school is ok. I've made a few great friends and some very memorable memories while there. It is a really small school, which is pretty nice, because everyone knows eachothers.
The teachers are pretty good. Most of them know what they are doing and do it well but there are a few that no one understands and are difficult to relate to because they are difficult or confusing.
Our school is fairly new and is in pretty good condition. They continue to update what needs to be fixed which is great. The classes are well taught and it is pretty easy to find a computer when needed. The counselor is kind of difficult to find and talk to though.
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