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My experience at Clear Lake High School has been nothing less than mediocre. First of all, our school administration's number one priority is sports. We fund enough to get new football jerseys every single year even though we haven't gone to state in a while. Because sports are such a high priority to Clear Lake High school, there have been teachers who have gotten hired not for their credentials, but based on if they were able to coach a sport or not. We also have such old seats and an asbestos problem in the auditorium. However, the school decided to not use the money to fix these things, but instead on replacing our Chromebooks with newer Chromebooks (even though our old ones were completely fine!) Overall, I think that Clear Lake High School needs to work on their prioritizing skills.
In four years of schooling at Clear Lake High School, I have had the opportunity to interact with amazing faculty members. The teachers are very cooperative with students and do everything in their power to prepare every student for their future, whether that may include college, trade school, or entering the job market.
I really enjoyed my experience at Clear Lake High School. I only had positive relationships with my teachers. They were always positive in class and willing to help me outside of class. I loved the sense of community within the school. All grades are genuinely friendly to each other, and many people have friends in all grades. I had a great group of friends throughout high school, but I was always chatting with and having a good time with people out of my friend group.
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Everyone is there to make sure the students succeed. There are plentiful extra-curricular activities that only add to the experience of high school.
Clear Lake High School has great academics, arts, and sports, although I'd like to see some AP courses.
Clear lake schools are nice in general, no matter what building. They provide a safe environment for the students and help them get prepared for the real world and college.
The school is great. A majority of the people in it are the nicest people you will ever meet. What makes this school unique is the balance between sports and education. I wouldn't want to choose any other school because the education is above average and the sports programs are excellent.
The teachers at CLHS used to be amazing, but after last year everything went downhill. We had two of our best teachers retire and one resigned. They brought in new teachers who have never taught the subject before. Our Physics/Chemistry teacher has never taught the subject before and her degree is in biology. The other new teacher is okay at best. He doesn't assign us homework in class, but he will post an assignment on google classroom a few hours later. The other new teacher did an excellent job for his first time teaching. He taught the way he thought it would be best and then at the end of the semester he had us take a survey to see what we liked. Other than that the teachers are excellent, they will stay at the school as long as it takes for you to learn the subject. They genuinely care about you, and your grades.
Good school and good teachers but it is clicky.
bullying and disrespect is bad at school from the guy students. Need more consequences for bad behavior
Most teachers are good. There is a lot of favoritism especially for the athletes (guys) in football and such. They get by with disrupting the classroom and the teachers seem to not have control. This is only in certain classrooms.
Band, Choir, Sports, Model UN, Student Council are all excellent programs
The schools doors are locked except for the main front office doors while school is in session,
So teachers are late to class and really just don't care.
I really liked that my school only has around 450 kids in it. It's nice to know everyone in your grade and the grades around you. I wish that we would have had a little more after school opportunities.
In the music department there is concert band, marching band, pep band, jazz band, concert choir, chamber choir, madrigal choir, and drama club. The school offers many different sports including: football, cross country, cheerleading, dance team, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, tennis, golf, baseball, softball, track, and soccer. There is also a prayer group, Model UN club, and gay straight alliance club.
The school's weight room is always open for anyone to use. They have several sports going on at all times. Also a ton of kids go to support our teams.
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Our school provides the basic security levels. We have a great school nurse and caring staff.
The food is basic cafeteria food. There are many options for students to choose from and it doesn't taste too bad.
The technology in some of our classes is outstanding, but when you go to some of your other classes they are the exact opposite. They should equal out the technology progress in each classroom. Some teachers here favor the kids that are good in athletics, and some teachers hate you if you're good because they know you get to slide by with the other teachers. Our principle and athletic director/assistant principle seem to come up with new rules every year that don't make our students as safe as they could be. Our janitors keep our school very clean which is nice. We have two guidance counselors that help us tremendously with things. We started the mentor program with students that need a little more help than others. They barely involve our parents at all with anything unless they are making a new rule and emailing our parents about how they should "support" them with the new rules instead of disagree and arguing with them. Our superintendent isn't very good at all. In three years, I have only seen her at our school twice. Once was when one of our science teachers passed away, and the other was when a close friend/classmate committed suicide. Our teachers prepare us well for college which is nice, but don't always get the credit they deserve.
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