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Clear Horizons Early College High School Reviews

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When I first started at Clear Horizons Early College High School I thought I was going to breeze through the school like I always had. I couldn't have been more than wrong. It was challenging but in the end I made it through it.
I loved my experience at CHECHS. My favorite thing about it was how close I got with all of my teachers. I was extremely comfortable with them and by the end, began to view them as family. One thing that I wished there was more of was extracurricular activities and more student involvement.
It's a good school to get you ready for college, with a small school environment that makes getting to know classmates easy and necessary. The school provides an invaluable opportunity by allowing high school seniors to graduate both with a high school diploma and an associates degree. To pay back the community for their help, it also requires service learning and mentorship opportunities for students to complete. However, the school is focused almost entirely on academics and doesn't have much in the way of school culture, clubs, or sports.
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I came to Clear Horizons as a sophomore. I really liked the experience, though there is a lot of work compared to "regular" high schools. One thing that I enjoy the most is how close the students are with each other. Because there is not so many kids per grade level, everyone pretty much knows everyone in the grade, and that makes us more close.
I loved that there was no bullying, the interaction with the college, taking college level classes, feeling a lot more like a university level than a high school setting.
I was lot more relaxed and into studying here than I was before.
The combination of both high school classes and college classes is a wild ride. You get a lot of homework and things to study every night - if you are into sports and such this school probably will not work out well for you.
Clear Horizons has an amazing and friendly atmosphere accompanied with great teachers. Some changes I would like to see is really more freedom in electives or some sort of orchestra/band to potentially help relieve some stress.
My first two years being at Horizons were fantastic. The principle and vice principle set a golden standard and had clear expectations of how we were suppose to act as guests on a college campus. They knew the names of everyone by face and it provided a certain accountability that helped keep students preforming at a high standard. Since they have left upper management no longer has the before mentioned qualities. I'm in my senior year so I live on the college side of campus more, having only one high school class. My teacher is awesome, but I've noticed when walking though the halls underclassmen are not behaving as was once expected and no repercussions are befalling them. I'm hoping that the problem is temporary. After all I'd say a 1/3rd of the office staff have turned over, once they get on their feet ideally Horizons will go back to being what it was my freshman year.
Clear Horizons has been a very interesting and unique experience for me. It might not feel like a traditional high school, but it makes up for it with the atmosphere and rewards. As a small school, it is fair to say everyone knows each other. This school is a tight-knit community that feels like a family. It is a unique social experience, and not everyone might like it. Academically we have proven ourselves to excel among all schools in the district. Juggling high school and college courses has proven to be a challenge, but after a while, we get used to it. Any person, whether they are academically smart or not can excel at Clear Horizons, so long they can handle the workload and have the right mindset.
My experience at Clear Horizons Early College High school was very challenging but also rewarding. Due to my school rigorous academic program of obtaining 6o college credit hours, classes were challenging and as a student, I lacked certain luxuries that a normal high school student would have. For example, my school was very small, with no extracurricular activities such as sports, and homecoming events. However, the amount of education this school has given me and the head start I have obtained made those sacrifices valid.
What I like about Clear Horizons Early College High School is that it gives students an opportunity to get a 2 year associates degree without having to pay. You take college classes as well as high school classes so you get the best of two worlds. Your are saving time and money but the sacrifice is spending more time studying and working hard. Only negative thing about this school is that they don't have sports and I really wished they did because I love playing for a school team specifically soccer.
Clear Horizons Early College High school is a great school which takes pride in its education and how smart their students are.
A wonderful opportunity to gain an associates and college credit at a great community college. Horizons has developed it's own culture, and the small student body creates a family vibe
My high school experience was great. I got to surround my self by excellent students and faculty. My teachers were always willing to help me accomplish my goals.
My experience at Clear Horizons ECHS was one that I did not expect for high school. It was different but, that ended up being exactly where I needed to be in my life. Since the high school was on a college campus, it allowed me to get a sense of the real world and prepare me for the future. It was a small campus with around 125 students per grade level. This close-knit community was something I did not realize would be so beneficial. I challenged myself every day and constantly used my goals to help me push through. I discovered my strengths and weaknesses. I met a lot of people in the community through our required service learning and I learned so much about different jobs through our required mentorship program. Overall, Clear Horizons is not just a high school but a place for a person to grow. It is a place for challenge but through its purpose of earning a high school diploma and an associate degree at the end, makes it all worth it.
The opportunities that were offered were almost endless. Starting Freshman year, you start your own path to your future. Through the years, you carve your path to a future.
CHECHS is not for everyone. If your child wants a social life, play sports, or go to football games this is NOT the school for them. This school prepares students who want to excel academically only. Your child will have tons of homework and will be push to his/her limit at times. In my person experience my child has excelled 10 fold in this school and will be plenty ready for college. In today world of global competition to get into the best colleges any advantage is welcome.
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Clear Horizons Early College High School is a great financial choice for high school students who are planning to go to college. It offers a high school curriculum that is fused with college classes throughout a four-year period allowing the student to graduate with an associate degree. All of this is paid back in the form of volunteering hours in which 20 hours are required every year from students attending. Each grade 9-12th is relatively small with around 125 students max so it’s easy to get to know all your classmates. The only downside with Clear Horizons is the extracurriculars that are offered. Sports are not offered from the high school and it is lacking in the club department. Overall, this high school offers a great trade off, having 20 hours of volunteering a year for an associate degree, however it lacks the extracurricular life of a regular high school.
My all three kids and our legal child went to this school, 3 of them finished high school with a Associate Degree, and last one waiting to graduate in this year. Through, earning college credits , the students can save their money and years in almost 2 year of college . I am a happy parent, which all my kids got selected in this school.
I like how we get 10 minutes to pass through each class so we can be able to talk to our friends a little longer before we go to class.
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