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I'm extremely disappointed in my children's experience at Clearfork! When my husband I chose to settle down in the "Valley" , we were attracted to the close knit relationships that seemed to exist in the community. Unfortunately, as my kids have grown and attended school in this district I have been unable to ignore the racial ignorance that breeds here. Not to mention the poor academic standards. When CF is compared to Ontario and Lexington, the ACT scores and standardized test results are pitiful. I'm fully aware that vocational trades will be in high demand in the future. However, I'd like for my kids to be able to make a choice between a skilled trade and college. It's discouraging when CF continues to ignore its lack of college prep. My kids have made strong friendships but there is a definate tribal mentality that the community encourages. Clearfork tends to only approve of families who share a specific political / racial/ and religious demographic.
The diversity and culture is not at good standards, it is somewhat looked down upon. New students do not get as much opportunity compared to someone who has been there since elementary school. Most of the clubs are closed off.
I enjoyed various teachers throughout my career but several made a positive impact on my life. They also have a variety or clubs and sports!
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The Clear Fork Valley School District is very open and inviting and has many opportunities for the growth of their students academically and physically (sports).
Clear Fork High School has provided me a great learning experience, educationally and otherwise. This school has exercised many of my strong values and beliefs, and has been an added moral compass for me. I have found wonderful people to call my friends, and encouraged to try my best. My school doesn’t tolerate bullying, and very accepting of differences. Some of the teachers are so supportive and build a great professional and friendly relationship with the students.

The only thing I wish I could change about my school is that we are a small community. And although that is a great thing, it leaves many of us narrow-minded to all of the other people and opportunities in this world. I wish we had more opportunities where we could go other places and learn cultural backgrounds.
I wish they had more sports options and more extracurricular activities. They need to offer more classes and have more teachers to make up more class offerings. They shouldn’t put you in classes that you didn’t sign up for without asking or trying to give another option.
Your typical small town high school. Very little diversity and a large number of the students and even staff are close-minded. Unless you’ve gone here your entire school career good luck truly fitting in. The sports programs are absolutely whack and we desperately need new coaches for just about every sport. The classes are not very challenginf and there’s been numerous times where my teachers themselves don’t fully understand a subject. College is pushed but there’s no effort towards helping us prepare and finding resources to do so. Contrary to popular belief there’s more to life than Bellville, Ohio.
Clear Fork is a fine school, but is seriously lacking in rigor, especially within the science and math program. If you are interested in STEM fields, this school will not prepare you for college.
The teachers are very helpful and encouraging to students. Staff is very involved and supportive. However, there are only two foreign language classes and I feel as if they need more resources to help students prepare to choose what they want to study in college.
I have extremely enjoyed my experience at Clear Fork High School. It is right in the middle of two small, tight-nit communities of Bellville and Butler, in which everyone has each other's back. Although the classes and content thereof could be more challenging to students, the teachers and administration want nothing but the best for all of the students and the extension of each of the their educational futures. Due to the smaller capacity, it is easy for students to access one-on-one help with their teachers. The communities are completely supportive of the students and staff, whether it be in sports, fundraisers, or activities that take place. I would not want to trade my educational experiences with any other place outside of Clear Fork. The friends and occurrences that I have made among the duration of my education will stay with me and become very beneficial to me in my life to come.
Poor academics, teachers did not want to be there, would dumb down advanced classes so that non advanced students could understand
I like the personal feel of the school and how willing the teachers are to work and relate to the students. It is a great place to learn.
Clear Fork High School is a decent place to get your diploma. Personally, I do not feel challenged enough and would like to see a wider variety of classes offered, particularly advanced classes. Also, our school encourages going to college, but does not necessarily provide all of the resources that would help students prepare for college. However, the teachers and administration are great. They are all usually very helpful and I feel comfortable to ask them questions.
Clear Fork is an average high school, with its ups and down sides. Set in between two mediocre small towns, it is a smaller school, but it does have a lot of character. School lunches are being updated and are getting better, security has been improved (cameras, drug searches, shooter drills), and the school is becoming more modernized. The Drug tests are constant however, and the trust between the staff and students is dwindling every day. They invade our privacy in and outside of school, and the students privacy is at risk. Its a nice school, with good kids with good morals. No high school is perfect, but Clear Fork is pretty decent.
The Clear Fork Valley Schools are well rounded, high achieving, and welcoming to all. The high school offers a numerous amount of clubs and activities that the students can participate in. I personally like how everyone is like a tight knit family because of the small size of the District. Students and other community members are accepting and welcoming to newcomers, as they work hard to make them feel the pride of the Clear Fork Valley. If I could change something about Clear Fork I would make the high school bigger to allow for more to come. The more students, the better. Overall, Clear Fork is an open and accepting public school that works to help students prevail.
The principal and teachers truly care about your success as a student. Academics are challenging and sports are competitive. It's been a great four years.
Overall, the teachers do a great job at teaching us and keeping us in line. I understand that teenagers can be a handful, and the way they handle us is very good. The teaching styles are pretty good all around, but the teachers seem to have a hard time integrating technology-but that's alright.
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Our school is pretty safe, and they take a lot of measures to make this possible. The doors are always locked and you have to be buzzed in. There is an armed police officer who works at our school, and there are random drug searches with the dogs. We also have random drug tests.
The most unique thing about this school is the sense of community, and I would never want to leave a community like this one. Everyone in the school knows each other, and when bad things happen the students, parents, teachers, and others in the community band together, despite their differences. Everyone comes together to create a support system and to let each other know that the community will always be there.
the classes are too easy and the teachers teach badly
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