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So far, I have had great teachers who love their subjects and actively engage with the students. Clear Creek High school has many passionate students that create and join meaningful and interesting clubs. The administration is very kind, helpful, and approachable. The school was built in 1958, so the building itself is old and not very impressive. However, there is a solid academic atmosphere that is supported by student-led organizations.
My school academically is fantastic, has good teachers and is pretty safe, but there is a lot of crowding in hallways during passing periods.
I loved the teachers there and the staff. They are truly amazing and sweet. This school is very beautiful and when there is a conflict, the staff is onto it right away.
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Clear Creek High school is one of the best schools in the CCISD. They have top notch teachers that strive to the best of their ability to see you succeed! The campus is very safe with gates and security. Something I’d like to see changed would be the lunch room and meals served.
My experience here at Clear Creek High School has been the best 4 years of my life, as I have experienced many new things with many new friends. Such as HOCO and beat springs week who is our rival school, they are always traditions here. My time here has been fun but now it is time to move on.
One thing I like about Clear Creek High School is that finding help when needed is easily accessible
I enjoyed some of the liberties I've been able to take with my daily schedule but disagree with a lot of the ways they educate their students. I feel that the school just barely meets the state expectations and calls it a day. I feel that I've missed out on a lot of practical knowledge in areas such as finance. I also wished that the school would have been more accommodating to my busy schedule of traveling frequently. I do not ever look forward to coming to school and constantly wish I would have graduated early so that I can take up more of the opportunities my school prevents me from being able to take.
Overall my experience was very wholesome. There were days where I enjoyed school very much and there are times where it was a little rough but either I still very much appreciate the opportunity to learn and improve my academic skills as well as learn life lessons with my peers.
We would like to see greater communication when we have a concern. Overall it has been a great school that offers good programs that other districts do not. CCISD is a great district.
Clear Creek has been an awesome experience! Most teachers are very helpful and want us to succeed. They make a lot of effort to make the school friendly and fun, like having activities during lunch, the snack store by the b100’s, and popcorn for a dollar on wednesdays!
I would like to change how the student body is always involved in decisions like dress up days and things like that.
The administration was, for the most part, very attentive and close with the students. They were always looking out for us and very helpful.
I don't really know how to feel about this school. I definitely don't like it but I don't hate it. Some of the teachers don't care about their job, leaving their students to fend for themselves. A small percentage of teachers genuinely care for their students, such as Señora Velazquez, Señora Mulder, Mrs. Grobey, and Ms. Waligora. I am only a sophomore but I have a deep appreciation for those teachers.
This is one of the best schools in Texas. They offer a lot of resources that help the student be successful. They are very rigorous and academically challenging. They really care about their students and their success.
I should start off with how great Creek is, Creek has shown me what I need to do to have a great work ethic, it has allowed me to express myself and learn from others while still be taught the skills I need to graduate. The only thing I believe we should change how we judge the way a classes is presented, whether it should be an AA, Pre-AP, or an AP class. The reason why I believe this is a problem is because students GPA reflects these classes that should be consider a higher level class. I believe a way to solve this issue is looking at what the course work entails and go forward from there. Interview the teachers who teach these courses that are considered regular but are actually at the level of an Ap course.
Creek isn't the worst high school you could go to. The security has become much more strict recently, with gates added around the cool and required ID badges. If you have a lot of drive and free time, taking AP classes is a good idea, but the workload is crushing. "Regular" classes are a complete joke. The cafeteria food is disgusting and expensive. Although there's many different types of people, groups don't tend to mix so I recommend finding your spot freshman year and sticking with it. Creek is probably about the average high school- crappy and just a holding pen.
They were able to figure out what technology would be better for me to learn because of my disability. They had one of those teachers that would not give up on you. They would always push you to the limit because they believe in you. They would also never give up on you when you do not try they would find another way to that would make it fun so you would try harder. I had one teacher that would have a class party after the newspaper was finish. She would also push you to try new thing even if you are not comfortable but she always believes in her students that they can no matter what you are or even have a disability. There are good teacher in Clear Creek High that believes in their student.
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I'm currently a senior at clear creek high school and so far I've had a great time. One thing I would change is college aid to students. From what I've heard and what I know some students aren't very sure of the process for college. Maybe a little more one on one help would be beneficial.
Area is not very good but depending on the teacher you get you will like it. The outdoor court yard which is the only school in the district with a courtyard is not very well taken care of.
I loved the teachers and staff. They are so amazing and help you with anything you need. The people are awesome! I met so many new people and people at Creek are very nice and make you feel so welcomed!
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