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Clear Brook has a lot to offer and I'm able to do advanced classes and participate in both band and basketball. Most of the teachers are nice although the curriculum for certain classes and I'm not a fan of things that require a lot of memorization. I would like to see some improvement in the bathrooms, they're pretty nasty, and something to get rid of the many cockroaches around the school, but overall I think it's a nice school although nothing majorly special about it.
Clear Brook was a great school and over all environment was very comfortable. The teachers were very nice and helping in all aspects of education and being someone to talk to. I had wished that there were more events and student involvement were pushed more to really get kids more into the high school experience and learn new things.
Clear Brook has changed me in many ways. It has helped me change my outlook on how important education really is. The teachers, staff, and principles are always there to help and I feel the school is very secure and safe. I feel very safe going to school which is important. I love being able to go to school and express myself with our broad spectrum of classes.
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I loved the school spirit that the student body had, making everyone feel like they were apart of something. I can't think of anything I didn't get that I would've wanted from my experience.
Clear Brook was a very diverse school. You could find people interested in anything if you looked hard enough. My time was special because I was in the band all four years. It kept me busy and gave me a community to be a part of. Something I wished Brook had was a bigger auditorium. Brook has a lot of students and whenever there are award ceremonies there is never enough seats. Especially compared to the rest of the districts high schools.
Clear Brook High School was a great school filled with very great people. This include all the staff from teachers, counselor, to the assistant principals. Most students are very willing to help and are always leading the way.
I like Clear Brook because of the programs it offers, it creates a sense of caring about what the students do and wanting to offer what they will like. The teachers are caring and want the students to do their best. Clear Brook's school spirit is also something that is very enjoyable about the school, it creates a sense of companionship among all of the students.
It’s a very good school that celebrates diversity and that is very excepting of everyone and their culture. The education provided is very good and the long list of choices of electives help each student find and follow potential career paths.
The community is great. There is a lot of diversity among the students. There is many organizations to get involved with too.
Good school, students are generally not too problematic and decent enthusiasm for school events. Most of the teachers are great and work hard to help the students. There are lots of AP and honors classes to choose from, and a generous amount of CTE classes as well as an amazing robotics program.
Clear Brook high school was the first public school I have been to. Overall, I enjoyed the time I spent here. It was very appreciating and accepting of who I was. The teachers took initiative when it came to caring for the students. They helped me when I was struggling with projects and exams, and they took their time when I did not understand a particular subject. They also had a wide variety of organizations that showed many cultures that I loved to learn about, which made me feel welcomed. My peers were also understanding and cooperative with me when it came to classes and extracurricular activities. At the end of the day, if I would go to high school all over again, I would attend Clear Brook High School. Go Wolverines!
Clear Brook High School has treated me well over the past four years. I enjoy the immense diversity and how open the environment is. I was a big attribute to their women’s volleyball and track and field teams, which I really pride myself upon. The counseling center at Clear Brook is very immaculate, as they really provide you the best tools and give you a platform to succeed in your high school career. If anything had to change at Clear Brook I would recommend them endorse into better food for students.
Clear brook high school is a really good school with a lot of diversity. This school can be made better with better teachers and food.
Most teachers care about the well being and education of the students, but some teachers can be kind of passive aggressive
Overall, Clear Brook provides its students with great help to succeed in academics, extracurricular activities, and the college application process. They provide helpful counseling which outlines the journey after high school from FAFSA to scholarship help. One thing Clear Brook, however, can improve on is their one-on-one counseling. Counseling usually takes place in large groups and it is hard to meet with the counselor alone. Other than that Clear Brook is a fantastic school.
Clear Brook High School was an experience. Academically, it was great! The diversity was phenomenal! The school had many different personalities and character. Although sometimes throughout the year for the past four years that I attended the school, there were incidents. Like for example, there were lots of fights, or threats. My safety felt a bit questionable. Although, there were some good times like for example, homecoming! Homecoming is amazing especially the seniors because of the pots and pans. It's something you look forward to since being a freshman! Some teachers were either resourceful or didn't really know how to teach. But throughout my experience, the school was good.
I loved the school spirit at our campus. With events such as Mix-it-Up Day and super fun pep rallies, I had a lot of fun every day. Some of the teachers didn't really care too much about their job or bended the rules whenever they wanted which I didn't like too much. However, I still had a really good experience thanks to the multitude of opportunities I was provided with on campus.
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Most of the teachers at clear Brook are great and care about you. If you don’t like roaches, you should probably avoid this school
I went to Clear Brook High School. I graduated in 2013. It was great experience. I get to make many friends and loose many of them as well. I learned a lot in those four years. Not only about academics but also about my life. Overall, it was great!
I will always consider Clear Brook High School as my second home despite the all the nauseating times I may have had while I was still attending it! The thing that separates Clear Brook from other high schools isn't its fancy buildings, cool technology, or tasty food; it's the students and teachers which well and truly make the school. Every teacher is understanding of each student's problems, and try to actually be your friend and not just a strict teacher. The students will always have your back no matter what. Even if you are a stranger they will go out of their way to help you. Clear Brook isn't the newest school, biggest school, or fanciest school in the district, but it's well and truly the students and teachers that made my high school experience so worthwhile. Thank you Clear Brook!
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