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I would like academics to become more important than sports. Teachers lack a lot of effort and there is little to no diversity in the school.
There are many good and bad things about Clayton. The good things about it is that is in a nice and helpful community where everyone knows each other and the students are exceptional. Some things that would make it better would be preparing the students for real life situations and college.
Really small school with average courses considering the area. Bullying isn't too big of an issue, and if it is, it's sorted out quickly. There aren't many sports to choose from, but the student body really doesn't mind and the teams do well regardless.
Even though football isn't offered, the school still has a band program.
The teachers are fair, and not many students struggle with learning here.
A bigger variety of courses to choose from would add a lil' somethin'-somethin' and improve student involvement.
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Clayton High School is by far the best school I have been enrolled in. The teachers and staff are invested in their students success.
There are many activities to get involved in such as FFA, 4-H, academic quiz bowls, and student run clubs. Athletics are a big focus as well, we basketball, track and field, baseball/softball, and cross country.
Clayton High School has a lot to offer its students. I am grateful for the hardhorking teachers and staff who are helping me on my path.
Most academics are fairly good, besides math.
There is a wide variety of things you can do.
Most of the teachers genuinely care about students
We don't have a school nurse or hall monitors.
We get freedom and education.
It is a small school with great people.
There are few minorities and some students are intolerent
There are few options in sports, and improper funds.
There are almost no extracurriculars.
Some teachers have a hard time keeping up with all their classes, but they have many classes and do put forth effort.
They have a wide veriety of fruits and vegtables and they are optional.
Not many people play more than one sport from this school. It's either basketball or baseball or basketball or softball. Not many students support the teams at games, but they do during school.
They need to build a new auditorium. The one they have has been there for YEARS!
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As far as extracurriculars, we had basketball and baseball for sports and cheerleading. Ag clubs and academic clubs. Yearbook club and band. Thats about it unless I forgot something. I was involved in EAST in Vo Tech and participated in it, doing compitions.
Our school was pretty safe. We didn't have the problems a lot of other schools did. There was the very seldom & random drug search. We never had police patroling, gangs or other types of violence. We were instucted on how to control the spread of viruses, etc. We also were instructed on what to do in the case of a tornado, which is a prominant threat where I live. Overall, it was a peaceful place to attend school.
We really didn't have a lot to choose from. We had our required classes we needed to graduate but from that, not much more to choose from. There was Ag and Home Ec. and maybe a couple more to choose from. Compaired to things they offered in past years, options were down during my 4 years. Guess that is why I optioned to go to Vo. Tech. my last two years. So glad I did!
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