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My experience at Clayton High school hasn't been horrible and it also hasn't been the greatest. Like everything in life it has its ups and downs. There is something special about it though. My family moved around a lot when I was younger so if seen quite a bit of schools but every time we would move we always seemed to come back to Clayton. None of the other schools I've went to have been like Clayton. It is a small school and everyone knows each other by name. I like to think of Clayton High school like a family. it's not hard to make friends. everyone is warm and inviting like you had known them your whole life. Sure it's not a big fancy school but I wouldn't want to go to high school anywhere else. No matter where I go or what I decide to do I know that I will always be a Clayton Yellow Jacket.
There are very little security measures.
The sports programs are very competitive, but there is very little stability.
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This school is a small town school, therefore making it a very close community of students. However, there are often problems with bullying and drama that are not handled correctly.
The teachers truly do care about the students at this school. However, they may sometimes get too involved in the lives of some students.
The teachers at this school care about the education of each student and a majority of them give a reasonable amount of homework as well as classwork. It is not anything less than challenging and is not extremely stressful. There are other students who help tutor their peers if they are having a hard time in any classes, although there are also teachers who will take time out of their busy schedules as well to make sure that the students are getting the help that they need. The only thing that disappointed me when coming to this high school is that for Clayton being the small town that it is there is not much of a selection when it comes time to choosing your electives, or even core classes for that matter. Things are set up differently than most schools and I had to adapt to these changes. For instance, I had been in mostly honors classes when attending Taos High School and had transferred to a school with no honors classes.
There are a lot of people that get along with each other but there are also cliques as well. A lot of kids bully some and spread rumors to make others resent them. A majority of the students are white and some Hispanic. I hear racial comments and jokes all the time from the kids at my school. That I know of, there are only a handful of kids at my school that are gay or bisexual and it never seems to be an issue. They are accepted by everybody else just the way they are. As for the issue on peer pressure I really haven't seen it since I've been here. A student or child might ask you if you drink or smoke but I have never seen anybody trying to make somebody do something they are not willing to do.
The buildings are old and falling apart. The students are not open to technology. The computers stay locked away and using them is a rare treat. The textbooks are so old we gave up on them and "write our own textbooks" by taking many handwritten notes.
The community is highly involved in extracurricular activities. However, the main focus of the school is boys athletics. The other organizations tend to get the shaft. Starting clubs is impossible, there is not enough staff willing to help outside of the classroom.
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