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What I like about Clayton High School is the people their. Something that can change is the food and some teachers who don’t know how to teach.
Clayton High School was very welcoming. I enrolled in the school during my junior year of High School and it was nervewracking but the people in the school made me feel at home. The school itself tried their best to make me feel comfortable and allowed me the chance to thrive. I joined multiple clubs that they offered and expanded my academic horizon. This was a great school to go to!
I absolutely love being a student of Clayton High School. The teachers and administrators are amazing. It is a very small school, meaning we have a very tight-knit community, and everybody in the school does everything. In big schools, people usually only do one or two things. In CHS, it is not at all uncommon to see the star jock on the stage of the musical.
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Safe place, really close connected community, small class sizes, great staff who cares about their students. Really family-oriented and basically knows eacjother if you are established here. More diverse in comparison to other south jersey schools. Food is okay. If you're an athelte and a smart kid you're good here
I have never had a teacher that truly cared whether I succeeded or failed. It's unfortunate that for such a small school, there can't be more one on one time with teachers. I have tried to arrange for help on several occasions throughout my high school years and haven't had any luck. I would like to think I am prepared for college life but I guess I won't really know until I have experienced going to college.
I love how diverse yet how small our school is. It gives a huge opportunity for smaller classes. It gives students the opportunity to participate in a lot of extracurricular activities. Love the community feeling from the school. Teacher are always looking out for the students, academically and personally.
My Experience during the time I spent and am still spending at Clayton High School was outstanding. Have you ever wanted teachers, or staff members to understand you, and help you through rough times? Clayton has always provided me with extra help. Teachers put in their after school time and lunch hours to work with me, or the guidance councilors helping me do my best every step of the way. Not to mention, our principals, sports administrator, and coaches were completely understandable with anything you brought to their attention. I made many life long friends and got to experience many new clubs that brought me closer to the community and others. I'd recommend clayton public schools to anyone who asked. Clayton High School truly does deserve a 5 star rating.
At this school, technology is up to date. Students are provided with iPads that they can use to help them with school work. It’s a small school, so teachers know students at a personal level, helping them any way they can.
I came to this school after being bullied from my old school. When I came to this school, I was welcomed with open arms. The teachers were amazing with how they worked one on one with me on the topics I had not touched upon before coming to Clayton. The students are pleasant to be around; I got to make many friends during my time here. I have traveled the east coast, performing in different states with the school's band while also traveling across the state with the marching band. The academic programs here are absolutely amazing; I get to take college courses here to go towards my college education. Clayton is a big happy family, and I love it here.
A great school here and then, but not always perfect.

Been going to the same school from the start. Lower classes don't get as much as the Higher classes. Overall we all work together has a big community.
My experience at Clayton High School, has been one of the best years of my life. Clayton is full of caring people that want to puch to be the best you can be. While being a small school, every knows each other. You will not go through Clayton not known and you will be missed.
Our extracurriculars are fairly diverse, but sometimes it seems as though there are too many options for such a small school and people are stretched thin between all the clubs they try to do. Also, we don't always get the club funding we might need.
We have an amazing parent support system and our staff is made up of some parents within the community so we all are a close family. Being around these parents and knowing whose mom or dad or grandparents are at every game and event is so nice and everyone feels welcomed into the fold.
Our teachers have a way of caring about the students and letting them express themselves, but sometimes they let that get in the way of the lesson. Additionally, some teachers have to teach a course that they haven't done any work in since they graduated college many years ago. Finally, our teachers are a bit overly comfortable discussing drugs and alcohol and what's the best ones with the students.
There is a lot of everybody in the school. Really different from one another. We all do the same thing we all want the same thing. There's a wide variety of cultures in the school; that just makes it interesting.
I just do it because I have to know because I want to. I'm sure their beneficial to a lot of other students.
They do a pretty decent job with making sure everyone is comfortable and gets the help that they deserve.
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They only have but so many activities to choose from. Everything's not for everybody. They are very basic and common when it comes to extracurricular activities.
I treated high school like an everyday job I hate. I basically just get up go to school; attempt to get my work done, put on a happy face and then go home. I never really associated with a lot of people. I stayed to myself to stay out of the way and stay of trouble.
If there is a problem, this school will go as far as necessary to fix it.
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