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I love my school but its not the cleanest place in the world.we have an amazing principle . he goes all out with his seniors like our senior picnic and our senior walk . but not all the teachers really care i feel like so of them low-key gave up on teaching and is just doing it for a job. they could car less if your having a hard time or if u need help but i mean every school has it so its nothing new
When I transferred to Clayton, I absolutely fell in love with it! The principal, Dr. Jones, and all of the teachers are so kind and really love their students. The whole student body is a big family and we all rally together to do what's right. I honestly wouldn't want to be at another school and I'm so proud to be a comet! Comets ALL in!!
Clayton High school so far has been a unique experience. I have only just moved here but the people are nice and the education is advantageous. The students are dedicated to not only the teachers but also the principal. The football games are loud but the bleachers are full of cheering students, teachers and parents. The community's involvement in the schools events is not only impressive but full of dedication. My teachers show that they truly care about their students. They make sure you on task and give full explanations about the work they give you, and why it is important. For the most part, this school has been one of my favorites.
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I love my high school. I take 3 classes at the school and enjoy it. I enjoy attending the football games in the fall and as well as participating in the powder puff football game.
Clayton High School is a very good school to go to. Besides all the wonderful classes and clubs, the school has flexible learning. You can take your courses and learn on a time that is right for you.
I really liked the environment at Clayton. Students were always having also the teachers. I really liked how some students really got to bond with teachers and staff so when the ever needed help they had them to turn to, also I liked how the principals were always engaging with the students.
I really enjoyed my time at Clayton High. I was able to provide leadership skills as the captain of the Colorguard and Wintergaurd seasons of my senior year. The faculty was very supportive and encouraging.
My experience in Clayton High School thus far has been greatly enjoyable and highly educational. There are numerous possible organizations and clubs to participate with/for, and the staff are strict yet fair. The face of the prestigious school, Mr. Bennett Jones, is a charismatic figurehead with a diplomatic persona and a multitude of virtuous characteristics that leave his accomplishments and person engraved in your mind. In my opinion, these attributes alone would be enough to place Clayton High School into a position of heavy consideration above a plethora of other high schools.
Clayton High School focuses on the "high school experience" with sports, clubs, etc. heavily. I would like to see more challenging academics and more resources available to the students. The school is extremely outdated and is in desperate need of repairs.
Clayton is filled with aot of CTE teachers who half-do everything and do not teach. The students can be very disrespectful as well. On the othet hand, thr adminstration is pretty good.
It was a really nice high school. I enjoyed my four years there. And I know after I graduated they began new programs to help students better succeed and last I heard it has been very effective. I can't wait to see what else they do.
Clayton High School is well known in the county and area for how it has an amazing atmosphere for the students. The faculty gets along with the students very well, and the administration is very supportive of all activities going on in the school. If I was to change something about the school, I would seek fundraising for renovations to certain parts of the school that are outdated.
Clayton is overall a good school. The facilities are old due to the school itself being over 100 years old. We recently got a new principal and administration has been amazing ever since!! The resources specifically counselors need to be more available.
I enrolled at Clayton High School this year with it being my last year of high school. Compared to my last high school I would say that the way in which CHS approaches the success of students in academics is way more progressive than my last high school that was not only magnet but was also IB. Studnets at CHS mjust follow a career pathway wether it be health or fire and tech or teaching throughout their 4 years of school. The pathway helps studnets get a grasp of background kni
I love the community and teachers of Clayton High School. Everybody encourages you to make it farther, go to college, and be successful. One thing I would like to see change are improvements to the student policies as far as discipline and career options to 9th graders.
Clayton High School is a great school that allows for much needed student flexibility for their own learning needs. Classes are offered which both cover basic learning requirements as well, as to serve individual student interests. These can range from a variety of elective classes or even college classes, whose sole purpose is to further one's education beyond what a high school may offer. One thing that could change for the better is school to student or parent information, as at times students and parents, alike can be left clueless on what may be going on within the school and details surrounding school events.
I think that Clayton high school is a great school! The principal really cares about all of the students and gives us great opportunities. The teachers really care as well. The counselors are good but I wish they knew more about the ccp program and were more organized at the beginning of each semester. Overall the atmosphere of the school is great and I am proud to say that I attend there.
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Great school. Excellent music program. Great experience overall. Have 2 kids enrolled. Great faculty, friendly staff, excellent administration. We are very pleased with the school.
Clayton High is a pretty average school, there isn't anything about it that makes it stand out as terrible or amazing, and it's more of a boring standard high school experience, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just nothing i'll care much about after high school.
As a student at Clayton High School, it has been a wonderful experience. The opportunities that are given are phenomenal! News is constantly given out and the student body is high in school spirit. Every once in a while you can see principle, Bennett Jones, going through the hallways giving out food to his staff and truly making a positive impact on the school. For my parents, they receive a lot of information weekly. Calls are made to my home reguarding the week and what is ahead. The use of social media to also announce things is another way to keep my parents ‘in the loop.’ Overall, Clayton High School is wonderful and you have to make sure that you live with the moment not through it!
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