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A great high school academically, the teachers generally are very invested, however, there tends to be a very competitive academic environment
I enjoyed the diversity on campus, the ability to choose any class you want to take, and open campus. However, the school prides itself on academics, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but the students can get stressed and overworked a lot.
I had an excellent experience throughout my four years of high school. I loved how the teachers were friendly and that we were able to leave campus during our lunchtime! This showed how the district trusted us with the choices that we would make. Overall, I recommend people to attend Clayton High School because the environment is upbeat.
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I really liked their stem program! It was what determined that I wanted to be a nurse. The biomedical classes were outstanding!
I really enjoyed my 4 years at clayton high school, however there are some things I wished were different. In comparison to other schools, I noticed clayton students are stressed nearly 100% of the time due to the pressure to perform perfect all the time. Students are expected to play sports, join clubs, and maintain a high GPA while juggling everything outside of school. I get this is something hard to change but clayton high school would have received 5 stars if it weren't so difficult.
Has very high academic standards. From my perspective as a junior, everyone here is depressed and anxious and feels a lot of pressure because of the competitive culture of the school. The administration is aware of this but it's still a big problem. A lot of one-up-ing and no one feels good enough. There is a lot of pressure to take all honors and AP classes, especially in science and math. Basically it has a very good reputation because of the high average GPA and the high graduation rate, but at the cost of the student's mental health. If you are thinking about sending your kid here, keep this in mind.
Honestly, throughout my years at Clayton I have felt like I haven't been enough for the administrators and teachers. I have average grades in high level classes, yet, I would still be ranked in the bottom half of my class. I am surrounded by high achieving students and feel like I am not achieving what I should. This is a very privileged district that does not necessarily cater to those less privileged.
I like the diversity of ideas/color and the open campus. Clayton High is a beautiful campus with great teachers. There are a few exceptions to this, for I have had a few instructors who were very below average.
I liked how there wasn't a dress code that restricted how I can express myself and I also liked how there was an open campus I didn't like how much homework or the workload that is given out overall but it is a pretty good school otherwise.
We moved our kids from a local private school to Clayton High, and could not be happier. They have felt included since day 1, and both now have a great peer group. Getting involved with sports and other school activities is a breeze. The teachers are caring, but strict when they need to be. Students are given a lot of responsibility, but there is someone there to catch them if they fall. All in all I would say that CHS lives up to its reputation of being one of the best schools in the state.
While all publics schools have a lacking education system and ineffective teaching methods, Clayton High School is still a comparatively very good school with a diverse, progressive and open community. One issue Clayton notoriously has, however, is an expectation to do 'everything;' to be an average student is to be in at least one sport, multiple honors or APs, and to be striving for Ivy league colleges for careers as doctors and lawyers- and that's just an average student. Clayton students have far more pressure on them than other schools, but at the same time the school itself is fantastic.
The teachers here are very supportive of their students. They will do a lot to try and help them succeed.
Great experience in Clayton High School! Although I was there only for 1 year in freshmen, but the excellent teaching resources and facilities really provide a huge chance for all students.
Clayton High School is one of the best public schools in Missouri. The school have a good teach to student ratio so you will always be able to get help. The schools isn't that big so making friends is easier. Something that is not so well about the school is it's athletics. Clayton is known to have sports teams that do not perform that well, but they are also known for having the best academics in the state for a public school as well.
My time here has been a pleasant one. While here friends will be made by all and it is a very inclusive community.
Helicopter parents pervade. Need to change discipline system. Culture generally does not surround pursuit of knowledge but tangible results of knowledge. Incredible for preparation for college environment and challenging academics.
I had a terrific academic experience at Clayton. Teachers are there to help the students and are very open and can help every student individually.
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Very good school, needs to work on diversity. The teachers are excellent and there are many resources. Very good at preparing students for college.
Overall, clayton was a great school for academics and extracurriculars; however, it really lacks diversity in students and staff.
Quite an amazing teaching staff that truly focuses on preparing students for their further endeavors in college and beyond
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