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Claymont is a great school for the small town it is located in, there is a TON of community pride. Although they do have some things to improve on academically and athletically.
It's a decent high school with nice teachers who want you to succeed, however it is not very well funded and there is not a very wide selection of classes.
The school is a small community, and no one cares about how much money that your family makes. The school does need some more programs and a more stable administration, but was very go to go to.
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The teachers at the high school are easy to talk to and are attentive to their students. The layout of the school makes it easy to travel class to class.
I loved Claymont High School. The only thing I would change is making sure that every student feels included. Sometimes the school events only cater to a specific student demographic.
The students are incredible, and very welcoming. Almost every year we would have a foreign exchange student and each year the students embraced him/her and made them feel very welcomed. Bullying is a minimal issue here, with many students getting along easily or very tolerable of one another. As for cons the new administration is sub par, as the administration has no stake in claymont, or a true passion for the children it often feels like. Many of the students parents are also not happy with much of the new administration
The school building itself is quite new. The facilities are all more than able to accommodate students. An average variety of classes range from special needs to advanced placement. The community is small and close-knit, so bullying isn't near as present as at other larger schools.
The course here include ones for everyone. There are college prep courses for the students planning on going to college. There are regular classes for students who aren't as advanced. There are several teachers there to help students with learning disabilities as well. The academics at Claymont, I feel, are geared towards all the different types of learners out there.
There is a variety of different people at Claymont, ranging from black to white, males and females, gays and straights. Despite all the diversity everyone accepts everyone for the most part. While peer pressure is usually a big problem in high schools you won't see to much of it here. It is overall a good school and atmosphere to be a part of.
The after school organizations are great at Claymont. There are a variety of different activities where everyone can get involved if they choose to. The advisors are very accommodating when it comes to participating in multiple activities as well.
The school spirt at Claymont is very good. The students are always hyped and ready to go for athletic and non athletic events. The environment is a great place to grow up and live. This is why I would choose to go here if I could do it over again
The teachers at Claymont have a great understanding of the material they are teaching. However, some do not do a very good job at making sure the students fully understand the material.
There's are a few clubs to join, wish there were more though. Sports are a big thing here, but they kind of take away the focus from the academic people's moment to shine.
Overall my experience at Claymont was okay, I just wish we learned more things that would help us in the real world and incorporate that into the standards. I also wish the administrators would treat students more like adults than little kids. After all in just a few short years they'll be out on their own.
Many teachers here do work over time to make sure students have the greatest success possible, but I have heard from many that some are hard to approach or only teacher one certain way. Everyone has different learning paths and some could be a bit more understanding. I've had a great experience, but others not so much.
the health policies are the normal for any other school and the safety at Claymont well the doors are always locked you have to ring the doorbell on the wall then the lady in the office ask your name and who your their for then they look it up and let you in if your on the medical form.
I feel that the levels of commitment are about the same for every club.
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Parents are really good at supporting the students.
I personally Like this school because the Teachers give you the help you need and are very helpful to the students.
My school has a no tolerance for bullying, which they enforce. The outside doors lock during school hours and people must come to front door and buzz to let in, a camera is there to greet you. Parents or visitors must sign in. Police monitor during morning drop offs and after school. There is a school nurse if needed. I fell safe at my school.
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