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Clay-Platte Montessori School Reviews

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I have two kids who currently attend CPM. The teachers are so patient and work hard to teach each student as individuals. The curriculum is top-notch and tuition is much more affordable than other private schools. The school sits on 10 acres and the students are outside much of the day which, to me, is so important for kids being raised in this age of technology. My family is so lucky to have found this school!
CPMS is an absolute heaven-on-earth experience for me and my children, daily. On 10 acres of pure nature... the school is a rare gem. In my experience as a teacher and a parent at the school, I have done my best to offer my help in order to support the community, knowing that my part is important - the community cannot thrive without each part making up the whole, and each part contributing - yes there are imperfect people working and living all around us, and I feel the way in which the community handles the every day ups and downs as well as the major instances, is truly something almost magical. The school policies and procedured in place are well-thought out, and always being evaluated, revised and revisited as necessary. The PTO organization is a lovely group of supportive, caring adults that value the children and community as a whole. The teachers are continually perfecting their skills, knowledge and training. The owner is caring, compassionate and works well with others.
My 4 year old son was locked on an outdoor patio during winter as a punishment for crying and I found him. The school was investigated for child abuse and one of the teachers involved still works with the primary class. I removed him from the school and requested a refund for 6 months of unused tuition and the owner, Jenn Stoll gave me a check that bounced.Horrible school, horrible teachers that lie just to get money.
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Probably a great school for early age and primary school-aged children, but a total lack of academic rigor in their program for middle and secondary education. Learned a year after enrollment that staff was unaware of the 504 Plan we had provided. Even with this knowledge, continued to disregard the Plan. When we transferred our son to public school, he was well below average in all subject areas except for art and PE. It took him nearly 2 months to catch up to the other children in his grade. Also, the administration was loose, unprofessional, and unresponsive when we requested academic records be provided and refused to honor a very certain 30-day verbal notification of transfer, choosing instead to charge an extra month's tuition for not providing "written" notice. Overall, a very dissatisfying experience that our child ended up paying the price for.
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