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I am a sophomore at Clay County High School. I absolutely love it here. The teachers really care for their students and will do anything to help us out. Our counselors also plan fun monthly activities and competitions for us that teach us real life skills that we will need once we get out of school. The food is also very good.
Clay County High School is very involved with it's students and it's communities. Over the last few years I have watched the staff continue to improve the school and make it better.
The teachers at my high school are extremely invested in my academic future, and have been the biggest supporters on my journey to success! They truly go out of their way to ensure a comfortable, judge-free environment for all of the students. That is why I classify them as my favorite aspect of my school.
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I spent four years at this school. I guess you could call it “Tanner High”, where the last name that you have matters. Almost every teacher has a favorite, but I thank the very few who did not favor some over others. If I must really thank anyone over all it would be the ones who bullied me and made me feel at my lowest... thank you for making me who I am today. You have made me realize I am such a better person than you all will ever be. One last word to the principal: Never push your students to the side and say you are busy. I realize being a principal can be a lot of responsibility, but when a student comes to you in confidence for help or to speak to you, never reply with “Can you make this quick? I’m busy.” anytime the student comes by.
Coming to Clay High as a freshman I was made to feel at home. People are very supportive and the teachers care about your future. So glad to have graduated from this high school.
If a student at Clay High wants to succeed and do well, there are many options for them to do so. While the school lacks in many areas due to funding, the teachers and staff do exceedingly well for what they have access to. The teachers are very approachable and friendly. If you want to be involved, there are so many opportunities to immerse yourself in. It may not seem obvious at first, but you can really do well at Clay High.
I love the teachers employed at Clay Co High, but I think they need to teach better and more accurately. I was not prepared for college.
As a Clay County High School student I have accomplished a lot with the help of the teachers and staff. Our principal has changed since I’ve been there once. The first principal i was very close to. Most of the teachers have a personal relationship with the students. They are very nurturing towards the students and try to help them prepare for the future as best as possible. Overall, Clay County High School does a very excellent job creating a disciplined, academic, and loving school.
I transferred to Clay County High School at the beginning of my senior year and can honestly say it was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. My first day, I was so overwhelmed with friendly greetings. Everyone did everything to their ability to make sure I was comfortable in my new setting. I quickly made valued friends and bonds with my teachers. On a different note, the academics really surprised me. The amount of AP and college classes that were offered shocked me. The quality of these classes have been very fulfilling to say the least. Another thing to love about Clay is all of the clubs you can get into. Almost everyone is in more than one club. Clubs prepare young students how to deal with real life situations, which I think is important. Overall, Clay County High School has left a major impact on me, as well as many others. Transferring my senior year was a little bit nerve wracking but it turned out to be one of the best things ever!
I like that the school tries to get us ready for college, but I wish there would be more parent involvement.
The school doesnt help with any mental health issues. As someone with depression and anxiety they dont give adequent resources for them. They also dont care for your mental health as long as you get the best grades ever1!1!1! Only 1-3 teachers are actually worthwhile and deserve more respect and payment.
I attended CCHS fro two years, the teachers were not steady. In the one class I had we had three teachers in one year. The food was not bad, and I always felt safe.
I live in one of the poorest counties in WV. Even though me and most of my fellow students live in poverty, yet we have one of the highest percentages of graduates that attend a college, technical school or branch of the military in the state. Our teachers provide the support and encouragement to help us students realize our full potential. We had a horrible flood this past summer. As poor as we are, student, parents, teachers and our school administration have all banned together to help victims of the flood. Those of us who have suffered greatly from the devastation of the flood, which was most of our county, have had one thing to be truly grateful for that is our school. We lost our athletic fields and equipment, but our school survived and during the flood it was a recovery and donation center for our community. Just a testament to the fact that we may be a poor county, but our hearts are a big as our pockets are empty. That makes me proud of my school and my community.
Clay County High School is a great place to be because the teachers impact your life. The teachers here really care about whether you graduate or not, and help you throughout your years of high school. The facility is in good condition, and the food is decent here. In this school there are many friends for you to meet, and everyone is mostly nice to everybody. Throughout, your years of high school here you learn more about what college will be like if you decide to go. Also, they encourage you to either go straight into the workforce, military or college after you graduate. Sports here at the high school is amazing because everyone on the team is like a family.
The focus of the school's sports program is keeping their relatives employed instead of what's in the best interest of the student athletes.
Throughout my high school years I only had two teachers that actually had an interest in what they were doing. Most of them are related and there to get a paycheck.
Our sports and our marching band are very popular and our community and students are very supportive.
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My school's very passionate about community. When anything would happen to anyone we would always come together. Also I was very involved in my school in organizations such as marching band, show choir, and student council. Those organizations made my 4 years there some of the best.
Clay really does have some of the most amazing and outstanding teachers. Where we may lack in funds, the teachers make up for in education and compassion.
Bullying is an underlying problem here, however, it's not nearly as bad as it could be. Despite the severe lack of minorities, most are left alone or at least tolerated. The school is also without on campus security, which isn't too much of a problem when most of the teachers are completely capable of handling a dangerous situation. There are many drills toward the beginning of the year to train teachers and students in procedure. There is a school nurse on site most of the time, however, he does have to cater to the rest of the county's schools.
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