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Claxton High School is an amazing School! At this school, the teachers truly care about the students. As a student, we think of the teachers as our family, because they will literally do anything so that we are safe and educated. Claxton High School isn’t a school, it’s a family. Students become so close that we reference each other as sister and brother. The athletic department is booming. This year, each sport has broke a record. From advancing to state for the first time, winning more games this year than ever, or breaking a 2 year losing streak, Claxton Athletic Department is amazing. Claxton High School is the perfect school if you are in search of a school that promotes academic excellence, highlights school safety and fosters great community leaders.
I have been attending Claxton High School for four years. Throughout these four years I have learned a lot about myself. Also, the teachers, student body, and administrators have brought a lot out of me as well. We are a small close knit family. However, there are many things I can brag about and as well critique. Problems such as the college readiness. This is something that stands out to me. I feel like the school should invest more resources into workshops or classes pertaining to filling out FASFA, writing a check, banking, filling out scholarships, and other aspects that relates to life skills. I would like to see this investment happen therefore students coming into the school system will not have to struggle like I and many others of my class did to learn these things on our own. God willing, if I recieve this scholarship I will use it to further my education, work towards my bachelors degree and invest in my school system that I was a product of.
Claxton High is a pretty diverse and safe area with caring, decent teachers and staff. It has improved greatly in the past four years in areas from the food to the schools general up keep. There are some areas that lack attention, but I believe with the recently hired new staff and administration teams those issues will be remedied. The school pushes the students to become college ready and offers duel enrollment and work based learning opportunities along with programs that teach soft skills. The school has some clubs but they do not have much student involvement however, the school has various athletic programs that really reach the student population. Claxton High is a very good school that aids its students and offer multiple opportunities for success provided the limitations regarding low funding and a small town mentality.
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I have been going to Claxton high for almost 4 years, and there has been a few ups and downs but overall it is a good school. We are a title one school, so all students get free school breakfast and lunch. There has also been many educational opportunities such as move on when ready and after school clubs. The teachers treat all the students equally, it does not matter who you are. Although if I could change anything about the school, it would be a new building because it is so old. As well as a couple of the teachers. In other words, even though the teachers are fair about treating all students equally, they are not fair on grades. If they have "too much to do" They will not grade the assignment you worked hard on just so they don't have to take the time to grade them.
Very Great School! And they provide what kids need and I recomand and kids from around the country to come to Claxton High School as there school!
Keeping new teachers are a problem, that's all
The sports and fitness aspect of this school is average. In some sense there isn't really any school spirit at any basketball games and there is a huge crowd in the beginning but drops significantly by half time. During half time there is some dance performances by two of the dance groups at my college.
The are many different organizations that you can join or get involved in mostly.
It is okay, but not the best
Some teachers are willing to help and others aren't.
Even though our school lunch is free for everyone, the value and variety of the food is awful. I believe we buy the worst quality of food for our requirements.
People are quick to judge in my school, but then they go out and do the same thing. This school wants students to be involved but students get no administration support, period.
I enjoyed the small town and the fact that every student knew every student. However, all of our arts were cut. Every year another pep rally or tradition was cut. The students became bored and more rowdy. In all honesty, the school went downhill. Its the funding.
The school is very old, there are many things that could be done to improve it. But taking into consideration its age the upkeep is very good on the building. Many advances have been made to the building and classrooms as well.
We are a pretty small school, so everyone knows everyone else, and all their business. While this can be bad, it has also forced us to accept one another as we all strive to reach the common goal of graduation.
Our school is very safe from internal issues. I have never been under a bomb threat, and there are frequent drug searches. The school is very serious about protecting its students.
The school is actively trying to communicate with parents and students to better our educations; however, with a lack of parental involvement it is difficult for them to provide the quality of education our students deserve. We also have a dress code in which they try to restrict what we wear. But without the staff implementing these rules they are rather useless.
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While the school is slowly improving the quality of school spirit, at the present time it is not the best. Our school is not known for its pride or reputation. Even though many students participate in various activities there is no push for us to support one another. While we do have a track and a tennis team, we do not have the facilities necessary to support their endeavors.
The academic classes offered are very substandard. The courses are not very intensive or challenging. Even in the few AP classes they offer, they are not pushing the students as they should. There is little variety in the pathways offered and special studies are obsolete.
While I definitely appreciate my school for the effort they have put into improving over my high school career, I would have to say that they could have improved faster. While I have made many lasting friendships, I am ready to move on and enter the next stage in my life. I have enjoyed my time for the most part, but I would not choose to stay any longer.
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