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I loved all my teachers, especially my art class. I would increase the preparation given to students for life after high school, however I would make it less centered around the idea that college is the only correct path.
Clawson High School is a smaller school which I found beneficial. There are smaller classrooms for a more helpful one on one learning.
Clawson is a great small town high school. Teachers are super supportive and our new principal and superintendent really amp up the Clawson spirit. We have many clubs that every student can join. Since the school is smaller than surrounding cities, sport tryouts are smaller and easier to make the team. That doesn’t mean though that we don’t have good teams. We have an amazing ASD program that is inclusive through every student. Our art program is also amazing with the wonderful Homanick at the lead. Clawson is an excellent school.
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I've had some extremely difficult years of help and the staff here has loved me and helped me through it all.
I had some pretty wonderful teachers!!! I would love to see more funding given to my school. We could definitely benefit from extra funding because it would give us the opportunity to set up more programs or bring more attention to us by getting extra sports teams.
the atmosphere was great and I loved being there but the principle was too iffy, meaning sometimes he was overly nice others he would not even speak to you. he liked to hold the past against you as well but the teachers stood for the students and gave us the utmost respect as students.
All the staff members are so dedicated to trying to make sure every kid that passes through their class succeeds. It truly is a small city with a big heart.
I thought it was an okay school during my time there. The teachers were pretty good and the classes were fine. Everyone was nice. It doesn't have many clubs or extracurricular classes, though, and while not everyone is white, there isn't a super diverse student body.
I did not learn much at Clawson, but they did offer vocational schools where I gained new skills and even certifications along with new experiences.
Not challenging enough for students and aside from Strings there is too much teaching to standardize tests.
Clawson is a small school and you know just about everyone person there. The teachers are very good and are interested in seeing the students succeed. They have high expectations and are very encouraging.
Clawson Public Schools needs to teach their employees how to empathize. Overall, the education was fine and teachers were alright academically, but many students leaving the school I've spoken with seem to not feel comfortable in the environment created there.
As a Senior looking back I wish they would have offered more opportunities to prepare for college. College prep courses need to be taken at an offsite facility that you have to find a way to get to. The school is really lacking in help and assistance for school counselors.
Clawson High School has a small student population that makes it easier for students to get help from teachers when needed.
There aren’t enough classes or sports for everyone to be involved in, but because it’s such a small school there is a large chance to be able to get to know everyone.
I really enjoy attending Clawson. It's a small school and pretty much all the teachers know your name or face. I wish they had more elective classes to choose from, but I think they are trying to improve on that.
I liked Clawson High School, I met so many great people. If I hadnt gone to this school I would not have the friends that I have today. Most of the teachers here are very caring and will try their best to help you succeed! Clawson High School prepared me to the person I am today.
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I have enjoyed going to Clawson High School because it is small and it has a close, family feeling. There are many kind, intelligent and capable teachers at Clawson as well as wonderful counselors and other staff members. I would like to see more class options however. There are some classes that are completely obsolete and not at all useful. I loved playing soccer, it is a great program at Clawson. Unfortunately, one of the coaches had to leave because he couldn't make enough money teaching here. The district needs to treat these teachers and staff members better and pay them fairly. So many good teachers have left since I was a freshman because of this. Clawson needs more resources for teachers. Other than that, It is a great school.
The teachers at this school don't have the desire to teach because they are getting bullied by some students. Not much culture students make fun of cultural difference anyways. Sports are exalted more than studies, diversity is minimal. Safety at this school is questionable we don't need security guards 24/7 but safety can be upped. Food is gruesome and proceed with caution. The building is slowly falling apart has not changed since the school opened. But hey, at least we have a new football field.
I enjoy this school overall. I like it because it has a sense of discipline and also comfort. Our pep rallys are lively, we have great sports, and academic awards. They focus on getting us ready for collage with SAT prep, and collage surveys. There's no tolerance for bullying here as well, and you can quickly make friends. I'd like to see the food get better though. I'd also enjoy more hands-on learning at this school, such as CPR in health class.
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