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I like the small town community that comes with this school. It is very welcoming and you can always find a friendly face in the classrooms, or hallways. I would like to see the school improve in general. It just needs some updating to keep up with the times.
The staff changed often. No one ever stayed. The teachers who do stay tend to favorite athletes and students who put forth an effort.
I am bullied quite a bit by this one guy, and everyone agrees he is a bully, but no one has done anything about it. The teachers hear when he is rude/mean to me or my twin sister but they usually don't even pay attention. If the teacher is not there, it's even worse.
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I don't really participate in extracurricular activities but I know people that are in the band and they like it. That's pretty much what I know.
I haven't been in this school long, but I have made better friends with the teachers than with the students. The student don't really respect the teachers, so the teachers sometimes (actually...a LOT of times) just ignore the fact that the students are talking over them or saying bad words or being generally mean. But the work the teachers do is pretty great. If you have a problem with your homework or something on the computer you're using goes wrong, they help you right away, even though sometimes that will be in the middle of class. I think the teachers aren't really a problem!! It's more the students. Maybe it's just because it is the senior class...
Our fans need to be more positive.
we are really working on our image and fixing up the buildings. we could use some new transportation and some additional college prep classes.
This school is small yet offers a lot to the students.
Our teachers at our school are great! We have some teachers who have been around for quite some time, and know exactly what to say, do, or teach so that the students understand everything to the best of their ability. But we also have a couple new teachers who haven't quite got a grip on everything, but they are trying and learning every day. Overall, our teachers are fantastic!
Our academics are OK. We do have some new teachers who haven't exactly figured everything out, so I suppose that contributes to our not--great academics. Our scheduling process is good, they are done over the summer and you are allowed to change it only once. It is very easy to get to your classes on time. The workload is very mild;we have some teachers that pile it on you and we have some teachers that are very relaxed and just lecture with virtually no work to do but pay attention. Our popular classes are English and our computer class, but that is because of the teachers. We don't have any AP classes, however we do have honors and Dual Credit classes. We also participate in UIL and do very well each year (we even made it to state in one event this past year).
Our dress code is way strict! There are way too many rules on how long your shorts need to be (three fingers or a credit card's length away from your knee), there are many other outrageous rules for dress code. The staff is great! Everybody loves each and every single one of our staff! Well, there is always that one teacher. We don't have a bullying problem one bit;everybody gets along quite nicely with one another. Of course, we have the occasional fight or two. Our punishments aren't good at all; you either get an severe punishment or merely a stern talking to.
Our food at our school is generally good. Most of the food we are served is tasty; we don't have that "mystery meat". Our cafeteria is nice, and the lunch ladies are very pleasant and all work well together. We have a good variety from day-to-day. The meals are cheap and nutritious. We even have a coffee shop in the mornings that we call The Coffee Cup. they serve a great variety of different foods from CHEEZ-ITS to muffins to pizza rolls. As for beverages, they serve anything from hot chocolate to coffee to hot tea. At our vending machines, we don't have one that serves snacks, but you can get water, Gatorade, and juice.
Our athletics are very good, for a small town. We have a new gym and new track that we everybody just loves. We are fairly decent at football, but our star sports are basketball, track, and tennis. We made it to state in track and tennis, and were two games away from state in basketball. We always have a mini track and field day for our elementary kids every spring. It is great that we do this for the little ones.
We don't really have any extracurriculars at our school. At least, not like a lot of other schools. We have FFA and cheerleading and 4-H, but that's all, really.
If there is a problem with the bullying, the teachers are always available and the students will also help out if they see someone being bullied. Claude is a very safe school.
The cafeteria serves a variety of food. Most high school students leave campus and go home or go to friend's houses.
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