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It’s a pretty well-rounded school with a couple of flaws. The administration has gotten much better with the new principal, but the teachers stayed the same there hasn’t been many improvements of getting more teachers in the school when we went through budget cuts a couple years ago, leaving some classrooms empty and others packed. The only extracurricular are sports, student gov, theater, or band you have to find something outside of school for anything specific. There are some really fantastic teachers in there and some are just average. There’s no AP classes, and a few ECE classes so not much room for rigorous ones. If you want a school that’s better for credit classes dual-enrollment at HMTCA or UHSSE is much better.
What I love best about Classical Magnet High, is the learning environment, the school is not a large one but it’s is rich in diversity and the amazing support you received by teachers and faculty is very strong. There is alway resources that will help with your academic endeavors if you are will to put in the work . At the earliest stage of learning 6thgrade there is a unknown sense of self awareness that is instilled in you with you realizing it there is pride about the work you put forth that gives you a sense of great accomplishment. Teaches are always there to guide you no matter how easy or difficult the work maybe, this is why I am able to accomplish my goals!
its a very diverse place with a good educational learning system and a lot of things for people to be involved in. I would recommend it to anyone who's interested in the arts or just great opportunities to learn.
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One thing I like about Classical Magnet is the curriculum. The curriculum is designed to be harder for us students to be prepared for college. I also like the school's goal for students which is to not only learn for school but for life. I feel that this school prepares other students and I for higher education and life.
I have been in the Hartford Public School system since the fourth grade. I spent my middle school years at once place, then decided to move to Classical for my high school years. Being an inner city school, it is not as diverse as it should be. The teachers are amazing and only want what is best for you, which is very important in an environment such as this.
Classical magnet is where I spent my Middle and High school career. And through thick and thin, with all the random nonsense that got thrown at me and my class throughout the years, I wouldn't trade my experience there for anything. It was easily some of the best moments of my life and meeting all the friends and amazing people who helped me become who I am today I will always be thankful for. I want it to improve and rise past it's faults in order to become an even better institution.
Classical magnet is a great school. It’s very diverse and has an outstanding educational program. It provides great programs and workshops to help make the school a better place to learn. Fun environment with all the extra curricular activities. Big in enforcing rules and making sure students are safe at all times. The teachers are great mentors and always make sure you’re on track. It’s overall a great learning environment.
I like the teachers. But every year Classical budget gets lower instead of increasing. I would like the budget to increase. And the lunch and breakfast could be better. And more field trips. The math teachers could be better. I really enjoy that all the classes are honors and that they prepare you for college early on.
Without Classical's curriculum I wouldn't be prepared for college. All classes were honor classes. It was very diverse, students from different towns attended. The enrichment after school activities help students build social skills. Getting to interact with the different grade was the best part. Classical was very diverse but everyone felt like family, there was no one left out.
Classical went down hill during my last few years there but I got a better education than many of my peers who attended other high schools and was better prepared for college.
Classical Magnet was a good school for what you’ve gotten out of it. The academics where actually solid and competed with surrounding towns for competitiveness. Although we didn’t have tremendous culture, the bonds and connections of this atmosphere really help.
I been at this school for four years and I got to say the longer I've been there the more I feel connected to the students and teachers that I see every school day. One thing that I really like about this school is the learning of english roots from latin because I get to learn about history in a broken language. The is one thing that the school needs to work on is the lunch schedule because everyday is getting more crazy with the cutting of students.
Classical Magnet is a good school that prepares you for college, however, the school is struggling from lack of funding to support its students.
It’s a pretty decent school, there are some classes that question why you’re taking it, there are some teachers that you question highly what their life descions. I mainly hate how they re-do the schedule every year. Over all it’s under budget but better where I might end up.
Classical Magnet is a great school for students who enjoy theatre and Latin. I enjoyed the diversity I was able to experience and the challenging classes that were available. I would like to see even more diversity and opportunities for students who are interested in other careers and hobbies other than theatre and sports.
I graduated a few years ago. Like many high schools, its underfunded but does try to make the most of what it has. What the school instills in its students is far more valuable than the knowledge from a book; its the idea that you can strive and overcome challenges and roadblocks. We went through several administrative changes even before i reached high school, and our budget was cut several times due to Connecticut's difficult politics. While i cant go into toomuch detail, i can say that the students and teachers who want to make something good happen, will. When they want to host fundraisers, put on shows, sports events, etc., the Classical community comes through.
I chose to go to Classical magnet because the students there are known to go to good colleges. I think that it is great that Classical focuses on college readiness. The work may be challenging, but it is only to prepare us for college. I would like to see people have more school spirit. Since our school has been having many financial troubles, the students have been restricted from things that they want to do.
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When I began, I was nervous and alone. However, I quickly made friends throughout my grade. Something good about this school is that there are very few "cliques." I know everyone in my grade. However, there are always the people who cause trouble. It has sadden me lately to see people not care about their academics, which i know in part is the schools fault. The environment is different, middle schoolers are becoming more hectic each year and refuse to be disciplined.
Classical Magnet School was dedicated to the ongoing mission to push students to be the best that they can be. Our motto was "We learn not for school, but for life", and my school represented it well. With our paideia learning and having our teachers always available to us, we had the support we needed to succeed. I am excited to see the growth of Classical in the future.
I enjoyed my time at classical. I started there in the sixth grade and was amazed at the advanced work given to students. Students are college ready by the time they graduate because of the level of work received. Though lack of support has not helped Classical, studnts are still given wonderful curriculum and lots to learn.
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