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Classical Christian Academy has a great family atmosphere and the teachers care so much for their students. The academics are challenging but very rewarding when you look back and see what you have accomplished. I have gone there from Kindergarten to now (sophomore year) and I wouldn't change that even if I could. CCA gives a loving environment to any person who attends and the other students are so welcoming.
I like the academics and homey feel of Classical Christian Academy. All of the students are very close and treat each other with respect. The teachers work hard to make sure that each and every student gets the best of their education. The sports aren't very good or extensive. They are positive, though.
I love this environment for my children. Our family is sold on the classical methodology. My kids are receiving the education I wish I would have had.
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CCA is a very small K-12 private school with just over 200 students. Our small size prevents us from having our own private gym, which hinder our sports programs (our small size doesn't help either). But we have VERY dedicated teachers who really work to help us prepare for living our own lives, teaching us in every class to think for ourselves, but be able to support our thoughts with facts. That alone will help me greatly for the rest of my life. The teachers know every student by name and care deeply about how we're doing. Sometimes they'll even come watch us at our activities outside of school (club sports, dramas, etc.)
I'm so glad we found this school. The teachers truely love the students and are invested in their growth, both academically and personally. It is incredible to watch how much the students learn and enjoy learning with the classical method of teaching.
The teachers are there to teach. I believe they honestly want each student to succeed... even if that means mixing up their own methods to accommodate
disrespect toward teachers/staff/parents or fellow students is not tolerated. Ever.
There is something for everyone and all children are welcome to join the clubs
I am so thankful this option for schooling is available in our area.
The homework load isn't bad but the classes are difficult. The teachers there are great and you will love them as long as you behave. Mt. T may look insane at first but you will love him, and if you suck at math you won't after Mrs Grunzweig's class. You will have a whole new vocabulary after Mrs. Baileys class, and actually understand a foreign language after Mr. C's class. Mr. Brandon will become Family, and Mrs. Sorenson will pound the info into you but you will love her for it.
Gary the security guard has never made me feel safer, he would take a bullet for any of us
The secretary is really great!
I love FTC an Mrs. Shults it has been a great experience! I'm also hoping to get some scholarships from it. I also played volleyball there for 2 years! I played Soccer there for NINE years! It was really fun!
Amazing, caring, and knowledgeable teachers. They go above and beyond.
No bullying problem. Official uniform. Are some special dress down days, but dress code is still very particular.
Fairly easy to get in. Some financial aid available.
Family-like, tight-knit community. Encouraging faculty and friends. Challenging academic environment.
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Can buy snacks (candy, etc.) and light meal foods (bagels, etc.) at the coffee shop in the school.
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