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Teachers are highly educated and truly invested in the student's academic life and well being. The students are all friendly and there's such a diversity of students so all fit in. There's many clubs and activities to get involved in.
The academic experience at classical academy has been one of very high caliber. The teachers, especially those for the AP classes, are very knowledgable on the subject matters they teach. The people were so welcoming when I first transferred and I've been incredibly impressed with how many truly nice people there are. The only drawback I would say is the overwhelming presence of religion at the school. I find that this can cause some people to feel out of place if they do not follow a particular religion. It is definitely not on purpose and the students are very accepting, but in my experience, the role of religion on campus is still significant.
My experience with Classical is that the school is really good for people who have constantly ask questions due to the fact a lot of the lessons didn't make complete sense or we were to focused/ rushed to get notes down that didn't exactly help us with what we were doing. As for me I lived far away so I couldn't always just stay after school or get there before hand to ask questions. Other than that the teachers were super nice and helpful the staff around guarding the place were really friendly. If you wanted food it wasn't the normal horrible high school hand outs they would actually go to restaurants and get food for the lunches. Clubs/Activities were really lackluster considering the school just moved places and didn't have very many students going on. Then electives were also rather bland they mainly were good for students who were into science, history, etc. if you were into arts they didn't have much and those teachers weren't super into their job.
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I was a student at Classical Academy High School's Online program, which I enjoyed greatly. The Teachers are wonderful, and the classes are nice. The music program has a fantastic director as well.
I love my school so much. I can’t explain the incredible atmosphere because it’s like no other school out there. The kids, teachers, and staff are the most genuine people you will encounter. Even though we are a small school in the little city of Escondido, this school has changed peoples lives for the better.
I enjoy the intimate campus and the small class sizes of Classical Academy. I enjoy having personal relationships with my teachers and feeling like they truly know who I am as a student and as an individual. I would like to see some of our school's attitudes change towards specifically the treatment of students who violate school policy.
I had a wonderful time at Classical! The academics were high, there was a focus on learning through discussion, the teachers were amazingly caring, and the class sizes were small. Perhaps most incredibly for a high school, the students were generally nice. It was a safe place to be, physically and socially.
I attended CAHS all four years of my high school career and absolutely loved it! The teachers and admin really care about your personal success and well-being, not just your grades. The students are kind and considerate of their classmates and overall pretty respectful of their teachers. There are so many other good things about the school, but to keep it brief, I'll just leave it at this: Small campus, nurturing academic environment, pretty accepting student body. This is not your average high school.
CAHS has been an amazing school for my three kids! The school has caring teachers and administration and a culture where students are loved and belong. Students feel safe and are thriving academically and socially. The athletic program has grown tremendously in the past several years and the coaches strive to teach the Caiman Way of Work Hard, Live Pure, Lead with Courage, and Honor the Team.
Teachers and staff are very involved and actually care about their students' success. Campus lacks adequate parking for students who drive themselves
Teachers are hand-picked by the principal from only those who are recommended to him. Very open and excepting community, great staff, wide range of classes.
Excellent charter school with great teachers and courses that prepare you for college. The school is accelerated and allliws dual enrollment. The academic and social- emotional counselors are wonderful!
Classical Academy High School is a wonderful school that I look forward to attending every day. The teachers and administration are phenomenal. They truly care about the students and strive to push their students to reach their full potential. The campus is new and always kept clean. The security guards are firm but not rude. Classical Academy High School is one of the best high schools overall in the state of California--ranked high academically and athletically. I would recommend Classical Academy High School to anyone living within an hour radius of the school; it is worth the drive.
I think Classical fosters a largely positive learning environment and has been rapidly expanding over the course of my four years here.

However, there is much room for improvement. Certain kinds of students are very clearly misrepresented or neglected by the administration (ie: our principal posted a pro-gay conversion video on Facebook, where he is friends with hundreds of students and alumni).
The teachers encourage students to do their best. The special education teachers work with student to achieve their goals and encourage them to always try and do there best. The communication between specialized academic instructors and class teachers is great, because they are always communicating with each other and parents create the best learning strategies for their student.
I have been with Classical Academy since Kindergarten and I am loving every moment. The teachers are all super encouraging and willing to help you and there are tons of activities you can get involved with from sports to robotics to musical theater. I am so glad my parents were introduced to Classical Academy and I wouldn't change my time here for the world!
This is a great school because of the population of students. The student body has an attitude of acceptance of one another and community bonding. Bullying is not the norm nor is it acceptable. Individuals are celebrated for their unique giftings and contributions to the community. Students are free and encouraged to explore their interests and develop talents that may not fit in to mainstream educational opportunities.
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Teachers genuinely care about students beyond just their performance. There is a wide variety of sports and activities for students to become involved in. Couldn’t have asked for more in my high school experience.
some teachers were amazing! They help you when needed and answer emails right away.. others didn't even bother replying to an email. Overall is a good school.
Classical Academy is the best charter high school around in southern CA! The teachers really care about you. The students are great. Not a lot of druggies. A lot of us were home schooled coming from K-8, so there is a great christian, family atmosphere. I loved it!
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