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The Classical Academy is a very good school. I have learned so much because I have had many amazing teachers that work very hard to make the time spent in their class worthwhile.
The Classical academy has a great curriculum focusing on character, as well as academics. We read real classics here, like Huckleberry Fin, The Brothers Karamazov, Dante's Inferno, and many more.

Its a good school for sheltered children. Although this has pros and cons to it.

Overall, I'd say as a graduate of TCA, it is an excellent school.
I love the inclusiveness of classical, it’s such a positive environment. The academics and teachers are also amazing.
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TCA offers a high quality education. The workload is bearable if one does not stretch himself too far. The college preparation is also great. There are many things I do not appreciate about The Classical Academy, but mainly the uniform and the over-controlling administration.
I liked the academics and how they take a classical approach to learning because you get the opportunity to learn about many deep, philosophical ideals. However, the homework amount was very overwhelming and I have known kids to have mental breakdowns every night because of it. Also, with me being an African American female, I experienced and dealt with a lot of racism and sexism that the school did not seem to care about fixing.
I have been attending TCA since kindergarten and am now a senior. As I’m reaching the end of my time in highschool I’ve realized the impact this school has had on the way i think. TCA provides a challenging curriculum that will now doubt open up your child’s mind and help them see the world differently. The classical style of teaching promotes a deeper level of thinking and comprehension if you put in the work. The teachers are also deeply invested in their subjects and care a great amount for their students. I am very fortunate to have attended this school.
It was miserable, the culture was depressing, everyone is constantly bullying each other. The students are all depressed, and the school tries too hard to involve everyone, but fails miserably. The only redeeming thing is the teachers.
I have enjoyed mine time. The classes are meant to set you up for college. The school could use some extra money though. TCA is lacking in funding.
I have gone to TCA since 6th grade and I have really enjoyed it. It has very good academics and I feel fully prepared for college. I also play sports at TCA and have enjoyed it.
This school is really good at preparing students for college, and although the school is not perfect, I highly recommend students going to this school. The teachers are friendly and kind, and are willing to work with students when the students need help. All the students have to do is ask. The school is really good, and the teachers are AWESOME!
Wonderful school. Both challenging and fun, TCA has given me the best opportunities to grow as a person and in my academic efforts. It has some of the best teachers that I could ever hope for. I highly recommend this school for those who want their children to grow up in an environment focused on character development, and academics. I would not be the person I am today with out going to TCA. The lessons that I learned here have helped me not only in school but have prepared me for life.

Also if you are thinking about leaving TCA because you've heard that the academics are hard please don't. Yes the academics are significantly harder than many schools but you can never beat the teachers at TCA. They all genuinely care about you and most all of them go the extra mile every day to help their students succeed. The teachers senior year I might add, are exceptionally amazing and the "cap stones" make it all worth it in the end.
The Classical Academy did set me up well for college and provided me with a good education. However, TCA did not always feel like a loving place. I think that the administration could have done something to promote a more loving environment for all students, not just the athletes. The school consists of mostly upper middle class, conservative, white students. If you a different from that you may have a hard time getting a long.
It is very academically challenging, especially junior year; however, the teachers are incredible. Almost all of them are actually there to help you; they want you to learn the content over getting a good grade, though that is not always what the students or parents desire. The school plays a numbers game; we do not have a block schedule, we have seven periods a day, which can be taxing, the administration simply wants to get the time needed to function as a school. The diversity is incredibly low and it seems that almost everyone has very similar opinions, so it is difficult to be different, and to break out of the TCA "mold." There are definitely good people there and many who are loving and caring, but there is work that needs to be done to help the school succeed.
The Classical Academy High School provided me with all the tools I needed to prepare for a successful future. Their classes are rigorous and push students to do their best work.
I attended the College pathways program, and I can honestly say they have done the best job preparing me for college. The environments/ culture is very positive, and students are expected to keep breaking standards and reach high levels of success. These expectations don't only come from the teachers, but from fellow students as well who maintain this environment of excellence. No other program could've prepared me better for college than this one. I consider it to be the best high school in Colorado Springs if not Colorado.
The Classical Academy builds a strong community of character and encourages its students to be the best that they can be academically and socially. All in all this school also helps its students be prepared for live after high school as active and engaging leaders and fellow citizens.
The Classical Academy provides an outstanding high school education and exists to provide parents resources to help build a strong academic and character foundation. Everything you participate in whether athletics, band, etc. - you are sure to get the best efforts and training there is.
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Since kindergarten, I have been attending The Classical Academy (TCA), a public charter school where my intellect, virtue, and excitement for education have been purposefully cultivated. TCA’s mission is “to develop exemplary citizens equipped with analytical thinking skills, virtuous character, and a passion for learning, all built upon a solid foundation of knowledge.” I have learned how to logically apply previous ideas and methods to new situations in order to find creative solutions. All of the classes at TCA often focus on rhetoric-level learning and application using methods such as Socratic seminars, panels or presentations, and self-guided projects to guide curriculum. Without a doubt, my time at TCA has prepared me to participate in a program of self-motivated study and advanced, creative academic exploration. I feel incredibly prepared academically.

As far as changes, I would love to see more focus on student freedom and student-led progress.
TCA did a wonderful job prepping students for life. I feel like I received an above average education and was taught how to think for myself. The teachers were great and did their best to instill a love of learning into students.
I attended TCA's College Pathways (CP) program, so I can't review the regular highschool. CP gave me the incredible opportunity to attend a community college as a junior and senior. The work load in the regular highschool classes is heavy but not unmanageable, especially because the school uses a hybrid-online format. Each course spends approximately 2 hours per week in class at the physical school and the rest of the time at home doing the work. This means you have a lot of time to spend on other interests but you may have to work harder to manage your time effectively and not let your classes get out of hand. There is a uniform (more like a dress code) but it is not unreasonable. The teachers are amazing and really love their students and their subjects, and the students are friendly and really committed to their education.
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