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I liked that everyone was inclusive and accepting at Classical Academy, however the curriculum was poor and the teachers did not care about their job. I'd like to see that change so that students may excel academically and be well equipped for college.
Has several great programs of variety and has introduced me to new opportunities I never thought I would experience. The environment is positive, the staff are some of the most welcoming, and the community is thriving. I’m so glad I transferred.
I loved the four years I spent at this school. There were fantastic teachers and it was a great environment. According to my friends who are still there, things have changed. Small things, like new strict rules that they aren't entirely happy about. I've also been concerned about the school letting in too many students, which would have a negative impact on the close community that I remember it being. But regardless of any possible changes, it is definitely the best high school in Escondido andvreally all of North County.
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I participate in the full online program, and I love it! The schedule is extremely flexible and allows for me to do most of my work at home. If I should need help with something I can go to their 'Cyber Café' to receive tutoring from my teachers. The curriculum is mostly average. AP classes or accelerated classes are available for online as well. One thing I wish was changed is that the online students aren't really kept in the loop for when sporting events and pep rallies take place, so it is hard to really be connected to the rest ignoring the student body. The dances are always a blast at Classical. The teachers are AMAZING and I wish I could bring them to college with me. There is definitely school spirit but nothing crazy. There is little to no bullying and there is some diversity. Everyone I have met through Classical is very nice and welcoming and I would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking for a good, small charter school.
Teachers are awesome, Principle and adman not so much
it is always very challenging
some of the rules are ridiculous like we can't have phones in classes or during passing periods... we need our phones to learn and phones are more of a tool than a distraction. if you take our phones then you should provide other electronic devices like an Ipad to each student. but don't just take it away without substituting another device.
most of the clubs students are heavily involved in they genuinely enjoy being a part of the club.
it's a great school that is unique in many ways
I enjoy classical most of the time the school has been a great learning experience for both students and teachers. There is no comparison between classical and the average public school. the learning e,prince is aceptional.
As a newer high school they are still growing in this area. With limited outdoor space everything with sports has to be done off site which can make things difficult.
Terrific! Most are on the younger side and seem to be living their dream job.
Limited communication with parents on this. But I know they had drills, etc.
Teachers are highly engaged with their students. Communication with the teacher is easy for both the students and the parents. curriculum is challenging.
The academic team was supportive and responsive for all 4 years--from the principal to the teachers to the counselors. Class sizes were small so there was allot of teacher/student interaction.
I guess it's anywhere else. Some of the teachers are fantastic, some not so much. I think some of the teachers need to lecture more and engage their students in the material instead of going right out of the book. Anyone can have the kids do busy work. Also, I think teachers should remain in the their classrooms for an hour or so after school be available for kids who are have difficulties with any of the material. I don't think many teachers do this.
I would definitely choose this school all over again. My kids have made wonderful friends, and have had a really positive, emotionally healthy time at this school. There are so many caring people there. There is so much variety as far as activities go. The sports teams and theater group are of great quality.
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Lots of students participate in sports. Our football team had a great season and lots of people turn out for the games on Friday nights. Our girls soccer team is fantastic. We don't have our own fields but we have access to good quality fields at other schools.
They have something for everybody- sports, theater, science, dance, art. There are always things going on.
The school has faculty that are very involved and full time security guards who are great with the kids. There has never been an incident on campus but there have been a few near the campus and the school has been notified by the police, kids were kept safely on campus, and the parents were notified promptly of the situation.
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