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Classen gives us many educational opportunities. It has many clubs and offers us many places to volunteer. They expect the very best from us and help those who are struggling.
Considering its funding challenges, CSAS is a truly outstanding school. The rigor of the academic and visual and performing arts courses is exceedingly high. An urban school, it is highly diverse and attracts students from all corners of this very large district.
It’s a great school for college readiness. It has all types of courses that you can take to get you started. It also, will challenge you mentally, socially and emotionally.
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This school loves to brag about diversity but discriminates against special needs children. Their educational standards have lowered a great deal. Fist fighting and stealing is tolerated. This school should be stripped of the name advanced studies
My school places large amounts of focus on the arts which is very nice. I think the administration has a hard time putting themselves in the students shoes and they seem to ignore our complaints about the curriculum and environment.
It's ok but super stressful. You have to grow up before you even become a teenager. We are expected to be the best at everything, but a lot of the time it makes us super stressed. Most of the school does drugs or drinks alcohol just to make the pain go away. I don't partake in these activities, but I see it everywhere.
Classen School of Advanced Studies is very good college prep school. This school is also really good for people interested in visual and performing arts. All of the teachers are extremely dedicated to each and every individual student.
Classen School of Advanced Studies has been one of the wonderful schools I have attended in my life. It is full of academically and artistic students that challenge themselves and others to achieve more in life. If it weren't for Classen SAS I would have not learned to work as hard as I do now. Classen SAS prepares you for college and helps you gain recognition, as it is known nationally. The school offers a variety of majors from orchestra majors, international bachelorettes, drama, and many more! It has become a beacon of hope in the state of Oklahoma, as the students battle for a better future and education. Classen SAS has taught me many lessons that my previous schools had not. In one final note, it has helped me fight my fears of public speaking and helped me find the closest friends I could ever have.
What I love about Classen is the community feel there is around the school and the freedom the students get because of the trust the teachers give as well as the help they give all students. What I don't like is the lack of excitement or school spirit among the student population.
While I learned quite a bit at this school, I don´t think that the school quite gets how to balance their school and home life. I have transferred from the school, but while I was attending Classen last semester, I was in the process of moving houses. One teacher in particular was very demanding on workload. While this itself is not bad in anyway, the way my situation was handled to this incident was one of the factors that caused me to leave. Since I was not able to arrive home until 7:00 pm for my mom and I getting adjusted and sorting out boxes, I did not have enough time to complete much of the homework. My mom and I both decided to talk to this teacher, who was uncompromising about my circumstances and had made no adjustment whatsoever. When I went to see the staff about offering me an alternative class for that teacher´s subject, I was met with refusal even though through the halls I could hear about how other kids were able to take online courses and even go to night school.
I am greatly saddened by the OKCPS choice to split this school next year, because the amazing atmosphere there was partially created by the fact that it was a joint middle and high school. Otherwise, this school has properly prepared me for college, and has taught me valuable lessons about my own abilities and what the future has in store for me.
Classen SAS is diverse in every sense of the word. We have so many programs and classes in our VPA and IB student tracks, and the student body comes from every ethnic and socio-economic background possible. As an IB major, I feel that I am getting a great education, because I am building important skills and habits that will help me throughout higher education and adult life.
Classen SAS is a unique experience for students with talents in both academics and the visual and preforming arts. I like how everyone is comfortable expressing themselves in many different ways, and how students are encouraged to do their best in advanced classes. I do not like how the building is old and needs many repairs for malfunctioning water fountains, air conditioning, and other necessary utilities. The classes are also often large because of the few teachers compared to the student base and small classrooms.
I graduated from the IB program and it has helped me a lot through my first semester at UCO. I had many teachers that helped me find new interests and made me excited to learn. Not to mention the essay help; writing a five page essay in a night isn’t a strain at all
The diversity in the school was something very special. Seeing all of the talents of my fellow classmates was something to remember. Being a art student at Classen was amazing.
I felt as if I have found my second home at Classen School of Advanced Studies (CSAS). In my honest opinion, Classen SAS is very unique compared to other schools in the district. With my small graduating class, I was able to bond with each and every one of my peers. It was an experience that many students will not get at a larger public school. Academically, Classen has been preparing students for college ever since it reopened as a high school. The IB program presents an academic challenge to those who wish to excel. However, if that is not the route the student wishes to take, there are also many extracurricular programs that are offered. Some include: piano, guitar, drama, choir, and many more. Overall, my experience at Classen was one of a kind. I had nothing but good memories at this wonderful school.
I really like classen it has good staff, students and great food . The only real problem is the school system and how they are running the schools. During the summer the a/c never wants to work so its really hot. Also with it bring three stories if your on the thrid floor you feel like your melting . Some of the teachers don't care what you do but most just want what's best for you. The process to get in is good in my opinion . And after you get in you can change your major if you want you just have to re-audition .
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Classen SAS entirely lives up to its name with all the performances that are constantly taking place. Most of the teachers put in all they have and then continue to put in more. One thing I would very much like to see changed about Classen is the opportunity to do more straight plays. I went to Classen under the impression that I would be spending my high school years doing what I love. Unfortunately, straight plays are not done that often, and musical theatre is a huge focus, and that's just not what I enjoy or am very good at. Although Classen does put on some fantastic musicals, and I love going to see them.
I always have a good time there wether it be in the classroom or somewhere on campus, theres always something intrigueing.
Classen was better to me than if I'd gone to a regular high school. I found a lot of people there that I could relate to and be friends with and, overall, I had a lot of freedom, but Classen is held back by poor administration, and over the last few years I've noticed a serious downward trend in quality of school policies, but it's not really the school's fault-- it's usually a state or district-level problem.
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