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Clarksville Middle & High School Reviews

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They have a good sports program. Some of the rules that one person seems to rule could use a lot of work. Some of the teachers need to retire
Well overall my school is average. Teachers try their hardest with the materials they are given. However, the kids are hard to teach because of how they act and they don't want to learn. Also my senior experience has been horrible i received little to no guidance on what to do and how to do it which has left me in a struggle for money. If there was a option in between average and terrible i would choose that.
I would say my experience at Clarksville High School is very good. The pros about the school are the teachers, academics, extracurricular activities, and the clubs. The teachers are always willing to help to achieve academically, the clubs are very influential and creative, and the extracurricular activities are excellent. For example, our band won the 2A State Marching Band Championship in 2017.
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Clarksville High School is conventional, offering little to no challenge. Because of the lack of teacher/student connections, and ineffective recruiting of passionate educators by administration, are some of the reasoning of the lack of motivation to learn by majority of the students. Not many teachers commit, if there isn't any stability then there is no foundation. We lack school spirit, because of restrictions. I do understand that rules are necessary but when too many occur, students lack the interest of being involved. One thing for certain is the band program achieves the most success. Band director Rodrick Boyce, expects nothing but excellence, which led the band to win the UIL 2A state competition. If there were half the teachers with his expectations the school would be exceptional.
The teachers at Clarksville High School are very knowledgeable about the subjects that they teach. Many of my teachers are easy to understand although, if you have a problem they will explain it a better way for you to understand.
I feel as if the teachers here want the students to get out and do something productive in this every changing global society.
We have after school programs but it just be for middle school most of time.
I wouldn't go to this school because they do not have all the classes and we really do not have teachers.
The teachers at this school is okay, but they could be better . It just depends on who the teacher is some of them go beyond then what they have to but some teachers i feel like do not care at all i think they just up here just to be for a pay check.
It's great , they take their time and make sure that every student understands
My Overall Experience has been great!
This school is very caring of all of their students and faculty. The greatest thing about this school is the learning abilities that can be learned throughout the learning years of this high school.
My high school year started out great but at the years past it got worst. I'm in the 12th grade and i have a full time job at nights and a part time job. I'm doing this all while going to school.
The cafeteria at our school is definitely not the best at this school. The meals are pretty bad but the lunch ladies are sweet and care for the kids.
The sports at my school are very enthusiastic even though the school doesn't really have the money to do stuff for the kids. They students still try to excel in the sports they play.
The administration is very active in how the school is ran and is also very prominent about how certain thing must happen at school.
When I moved to Clarksville a year ago, everyone was nice to me and the teachers really try to contribute to your education. If I could do it all over again, i definitely would.
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