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Clarksdale High is a great school! It has awesome teachers and s family oriented atmosphere. The academics are great and really prepares you for college. The food was amazing. The administrative team always remained fair, firm and consistent when it comes down to disciplinary actions. The school’s athletic department was very diverse with different cultures and showed a strong interest in providing great entertainment for the community. The school overall was and still is a great high school for any new comers. I would surely recommend Clarksdale High School to anyone.
Although I love my high school, I feel it could be improved. Over the last 4 years, I have notice some things that CHS could modify to ensure the career readiness and wellbeing for students. Exposing us to things such as how to vote, the process of getting financed for a house or car, what to do when you need to take out a loan, difference between credit or debit, and/or how to simply get our license. If we put aside the lesson plan and help each other for things outside of the walls of CHS, maybe we can see a shift in the communities.
Attending Clarksdale High School has been a mediocre experience. It is not overly a bad school, but it can go for some extreme changes such as better teachers, organization, safety procedures, and more communication.
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I overall enjoyed my years at CHS. I overcame a lot of obstacles there. They say change is always good, but not for that school. The changes always break the school.
Clarksdale high is a very diverse school. They welcome anyone in with open arms. Everyone is into sports, so the support system be huge. The principals always there. The counselors are very helpful for college. The school take the seniors on college trips to help them decide on a school.
Clarksdale High School allowed me to have a great high school experience from traveling to State Championships to support our athletics team to visiting several college campuses in Mississippi. I would like to see for Clarksdale High School to gain more opportunities to fund for our school.
I like the friendliness of everyone there. Clarkdale is not very large, so everyone knows one another. I also like the teachers at Clarkdale because they are all willing to help you in any way possible. I'd like to see the food selection change.
Clarksdale High School is a pretty average school. There isn't much going on besides the sports. Most teachers really don't care if you pass or fail but there are a few that really look out for you. It's not the best school but definitely not the worst. If there wasn't so much emphasis on State Testing and only going to college instead of learning a trade it would be more successful. Teachers don't prepare us for college or real world experiences that will help in college. The food isn't good but it'll get you by for the day.
I like clarksdale high school because it is a great and safe environment. I also like the education that is being taught there!
My experience at Clarksdale high was very exciting. I learned great things and plenty of new ideas. Also the teachers will not give up on you they will always push you to do better even on your worst days. I will like for a couple of things to change. The counselor do not come around as much and do not show her face as much. I think the counselor need to be more active with the students and talk more with the sophomores and juniors. Also another thing I the district need to change is food. The school food do not be that good. On the other hand the teachers can teach and I learn every time I go to class. I honestly think Clarksdale high teachers have the best teachers in the community.
Honestly, Clarksdale High School has A LOT of improvement that needs to be done. The school's administration focuses on the wrong things. The students' education should always come first. More QUALIFIED teachers are needed. Aswell as a more improved facility so that the students do not focus on their surroundings but they are more able to focus on their work. What I stated was not half of the work that needs to be done
Clarksdale High is an excellent school. Compared to schools that are heavily funded, CHS does incredible. They don’t have all the resources they need, but they definitely make things happen with what they do have.
My experience at Clarksdale High School has been great by far ,but my journey is coming to an end. Clarksdale High is a school full of Global Leaders. To the principal all the way down to the janitors are all great people who wants to see us succeed. Something I would change about my school is the food choices in the cafeteria. The food is not bad everyday but most days it is horrible and we never get enough but other than that I wouldn't change anything about my school .
Clarksdale high is a very fun and very educationally school.At our school we help each other with any problems with class work or homework.
My experience at Clarksdale High School was one to remember! I enjoyed my 4 years there a part of a superior rated Marching and Concert Band Program. My teachers were excellent and full of enthusiasm! Things are much different now, but I enjoy being an alum of Thee Clarksdale High School!!!
I love how my school is so big, because no one singles you out, and there are tons of opportunities to meet people you never met before half way through to the year. I love that all of the teachers aren't strict on my classmates, and they treat us like friends. I love how my school gives us tools to help us graduate.
My overall experience at Clarksdale High haven't been the greatest but it hasn't been the worse either. Its fully of outgoing intelligent individuals just ready to take on the world. Its full of teachers who can be pretty tuff but at the end of the day you will know that they care and they actually want you to be great.
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I had some of the best teachers. They really cared and prepared me for college.
I enjoyed my high school days. We had some of the best teachers.
Health is a serious issue here. they really care
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