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Clarksburg High School provides opportunities for students from all backgrounds. Students can take advantage of various levels of academics, clubs, and sports, or even create their own organization. Teachers are willing to contribute extra time for students who want it and do a very good job tailoring activities to students in learn in many different ways. The school does an excellent job in making classes diverse and including race and culture into the curriculum. Each year Clarksburg adds more and more programs for every type of career pathway and is expanding as a STEM school. The admin and security work hard everyday to make the school safe and fun. The school should work on how they prepare students for the real world as it mainly provides an education on the books and exams given.
Clarksburg is definitely the most diverse school I have attended or seen. It is not the most school spirited or fun school but it fills your needs, is clean, and has a majority of polite staff and student body.
Clarksburg High School is a school that is apart of the Montgomery County Public Schools. This school is efficient when it comes to diversity, and emphasizing the importance of education. What this school highly lacks is involvement. Many teachers and students don't see the importance of showing school spirit or even just educating students on wonderful parts of this school like theater programs, robotic clubs, or even dance teams. They only express their support with just athletics and it creates a big barrier between athletes and other students.
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Students in the APPS program have access to a rigorous work schedule and have a lot of opportunities to excel. The teachers all range from extremely involved to incompetent. The student environment is good in the program but there are always some peers who are academically dishonest or disrupt the classroom. The teachers in the APPS program has high expectations for their student but as for other students, the same level may not be reached. There is a zero tolerance policy for bullying and the school is very active in preventing such actions and the students are more or less confident in speaking up.
I love the diversity. Wish there was even more school spirit than there already is. A wonderful community of parents and kids!
I really like how Clarksburg High School prepares me for my future and how everyone wasn’t there to not only push you to your limits, but also to be there to be ready for the next stage of your life. Everyone is so kind and willing to take time out of there day to do the best they can to help you out. I have never felt so excited to go into school everyday ready to learn and have fun with it
The teacher's of the school are amazing. They are always striving to help student's education and enrich the lives of their students. The negatives of this school are the student groups are too "cliquey" and the school focuses too much attention and finances on their athletics and not the arts.
Clarksburg is a very good school the staff's really care about your education and wants you to succeed any anyways possible. If you are having trouble with the subject you can always set up an appointment with a teacher before school, during lunch or after school and they are willing to help and the counseling is also a great department they help me with my schedule and what classes I should take and they try to make sure I have all my credit for me to be able to graduate high school. My favorite part of being in Clarksburg High school is the college and career center. Ms. summerville is very helpful, she has lot of reliable search tools for scholarship and she has many SAT practices tests printed out for the students that don't have an SAT book or no access to internet or you just don't want to take one online. Clarksburg High school also is a B+ average school and more then half of clarksburg students take Ap or honor classes.
I don't like that the lunchtime was cut down to 40 mins because it doesn't give me enough time to get food and do other things. The tech department teachers are horrible and don't know how to teach. I like that I get to pick my own classes. The school activities are alright. Overall, it's a three.
Clarksburg High school is an overall nice school for students attending. Academically the school is very great offering many AP classes for students. Diversity is very high, lots of people for different cultures and countries making it a very welcoming school. Teachers at the school are good but some are much better than the other such as the music teachers and for some subjects the teachers are hit or miss, some are good and some are not good. Safety is the main complaint I have for the school, for me there are not enough for the school, most of them do their job well but there are not enough. Also one other thing is that the school is very divided, one side of the school you could have kids studying for a test or playing their musical instruments. But the other side of the school there are fights, drugs and no synergy with the two sides. In conclusion Clarksburg high school is an overall nice school but one thing that drugs it back is the safety and how divided the school is.
I like Clarksburg High School mainly due to the teachers and the oppurtunities. It's a very healthy and spacious environment for students. There are many sports teams and they're also competitive, which is good for school spirit. School spirit is also present in the school, but the only thing I would change is adding a 15 minute block for a stress free period of time.
What I like about Clarksburg High School is that the school offers a wide variety of AP classes I could take which gives me opportunities to get college credit and to be able to engage in a rigorous college-level education while still being in high school. The teachers are very willing to help you learn the content in classes and there are multiple opportunities to get help in your classes. Lunch is 43 minutes long with also aids in allowing students to be able to eat and seek out their teachers to get extra help, get tutored by those in the National Honors Society programs, or make up missed work from being absent. I generally enjoyed my time at Clarksburg High School due to having the option to take rigorous classes and the assortment of clubs and Honors Societies to join, but what I would like to see change is having a more engaging Pep Rally for our sports and have Clarksburg become a stronger school in terms of sports, which right now is shaky for some big sports.
Clarksburg is really different for everyone. Whether you enjoy the experience or not is almost completely up to you. Participating in clubs, showing school spirit, going to school events will maximize your high school experience here. If you decide to simply fall into the background, Clarksburg can easily become boring.
I really enjoy the fact that this high school offers a multitude of classes and programs that are actually useful for the future. Teachers truly care about the success of their students and are willing to come early or stay late to help struggling students. It also goes without saying that we are the most diverse school in Montgomery County. I believe that no race or ethnicity is over 50%. Due to this, we share cultures and ideas with each other to help every person grow and mature. However, this diversity also comes with downfalls. Due to so many different races and ethnicities, people tend to stick with their own and form cliques based on the color of their skin. This tends to lead to fights and such that result in the endangerment of other students and staff. However, most of the "good" students get along with everyone and the atmosphere is very comforting. There are many clubs and extracurricular activities for the students to participate in and the sense of community is strong.
I came from RM and the first year attending this school is pretty strange to me and I didn't adjust to the environment but, after a while, I was able to make friends and talk to staffs members. This school didn't treat me like nobody, they work really hard in order to keep the school safe and help students to achieve their goals.
I enjoyed how the school was very diverted. All the teachers wanted every student to succeed. Teachers went above and beyond to make sure each student understood the material being taught. I liked how the whole school had lunch together so no one feels excluded.
The teachers were pretty good (mostly if you were a part of the APPS program you got really great teachers) but we did have lots of drama at the school. When a bunch of my classmates passed away our school banded together as a community and that was pretty awesome to see.
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no,no,no. This school sucks. The students act like snobs, bullies, and braggers. The students act like they own the school. The teachers don't pay attention to it. the food here sucks, and the sports is okay.
Clarksburg is a fun place to be at because the faculty are very nice and educated. Also, there are many opportunities to meet new people and to take challenging courses. One thing I would change about Clarksburg is the spirit. Even though our sports teams aren't the best, there seems to be a general lack of enthusiasm in the student body there compared to other schools (ex: Damascus).
Very diverse school. Large variety of clubs and sports teams to appeal to any student. Bathrooms could use some work
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