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Clarke Preparatory School Reviews

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I love the atmosphere at Clarke prep. Coming from a school with no school spirit it was nice to love my school and the people in it. The teachers and staff at the school have helped me in so many ways that I can’t even describe. I never have to worry about not being safe or not being ready for college because this school really does it all.
Not a bad school however it's not the best experience either. Most of the teachers are pretty nice. The bathrooms are usually very clean. The food was probably the best part of being here. They all ways seemed accommodating for students who couldn't eat what they were serving. I met plenty of great people and families here as well. However a lot of students aren't very welcoming to people different then themselves (Mostly things like skin color and religion etc.) and what they are used to. It's actually kinda funny in an ironic way how a school based around Christianity aren't that welcoming to different people. Some of the faculty are this way as well though not everyone of course. Overall it's a good if average school experience.
My child is very happy, and I am pleased that CPS promotes a Christian education. It is a safe environment with camera security. I hope they will continue to add additional cameras in future.
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The board of directors is a very diverse group of people that try to make the best decisions for the school. School administrators care for the well being of their students on and off campus. Excellent school with excellent teachers and staff. I love this school!
No nurse, no security system, but I think there are protocols that are established.
Leadership in the board is lacking educational experience and knowledge.
there are some excellent teachers and a few that are there because they can coach .but are teaching classes they aren't knowledgeable about.
Lack of professionalism with some of the teachers
this school mainly offers sports as extra-curricular activities. the school is lacking in clubs of special interest.
CP offered regular and advanced classes.
A very high percentage of students at CP participate in at least one sport; most participate in more than one. We have numerous championships in all sports.
We have a very nice campus. We are continually building and growing.
The teachers at CP love their students. They do more than teach. They encourage and mentor each and every student in an effort to help them become all they can.
At Clarke Prep all students are welcome and treated well.
Clarke Prep is a school that helps students grow - in all areas - academic, spiritual, physical, etc. I have attended CP since Kindergarten and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
Clarke Prep is a safe place to be.
The cafeteria at Clarke Prep strives to provide healthy foods that taste good. Special needs can always be accomodated.
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Clarke Prep is a well rounded school with policies that benefit the students, faculty and staff.
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